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Hatchet: Brian's character development

No description

Anish Sundaram

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Hatchet: Brian's character development

Hatchet: Brian's character development :By: Anish S.
Encountering wild animals
Beginning: When Brian first sees the bear, he wants to scream and run.
Middle: Brian stays calm and lets the bear pick the wild raspberries.
End: Brian learns that many of the animals just want food and are not trying to attack him.
Making a Fire
Beginning: Brian tries striking the rocks with his hatchet creating sparks but the large wood pieces wouldn't light up.
Middle: Brian tries using a torn $20 bill but that doesnt work either.
End: Brian uses thin pieces of dry bark and gently blows the sparks to create his first fire.
Storing and Defending Food
Beginning: Brian tries to fight the skunk and gets sprayed and gets his food stolen.
Middle: He realizes he has to protect his food better from the other animals.
End. Brian finds a ledge high up on the rocks and uses a tree branch ladder to stash away his food.
Brian is finally rescued by a pilot. He had survived alone for 3 months and had learned to live in the wild and showed a great deal of courage and tenacity. And finally, he emerged from his ordeal stronger and smarter from this experience.
Landing the Plane
Beginning: Brian was terrified because the pilot passed away and he did not know how to fly a plane.
Middle: Brian figured out how to fly the plane and tried to call for help through the radio but failed.
End: Brian successfully maneuvered the plane to the bank of the lake but crashed in to the lake and had to swim out before being drowned.
Retrieving the backpack
Beginning: Brian used the hatchet to break in to the submerged plane to retrieve his backpack but dropped his hatchet in to the water.
Middle: Brian dived down and was able to get the hatchet and the backpack.
End: Brian opens the supplies and gets a fishing kit, a gun, sleeping bag, cooking set, and finally, a ton of freeze-dried food.
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