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“ITC Classmate & Papercraft”

No description

Ankush Gosavi

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of “ITC Classmate & Papercraft”

“ITC Classmate & Papercraft”

“Because You Are One Of A Kind”

Introduction of ITC Classmate & Papercraft

ITC made its entry to the education and stationery business with its Paperkraft brand in the premium segment in 2002.

Paperkraft Business paper and the papers used in Classmate and Paperkraft notebooks are superior in quality and environment-friendly.

4 P’s of Marketing

Distribution Strategy of ITC Classmate & Papercraft
Out of Five levels ITC Classmate use two types of level.
1. Level – 3

That level mostly use in village are for providing a stationary as per consumers needs or wants.

2.Level – 2

Level – 2 type of distribution is use for a city area with the help of their own depots.

That type of distribution channel Wholesaler not coming into the picture.

Market Segmentation
ITC Use Segmentation for Consumer Markets:

ITC Classmate & Papercraft is a stationary product. As per above Variables of segmentation of consumer markets. ITC classmates & Papercrafrt products perfectly fit into a DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION.

In demographic segmentation there are some factor is perfectly suitable for a product. There as follows:

Introduction of ITC

ITC established in 1910.

Various types of products are made by ITC like FMCG Product, Stationary & Packaging products, Tobacco, Hotels, etc.

We are introduce to ITC with a help of short clip.

4 P’s of


ITC Classmate and Papercraft provide various types of products as per customers demand like Notebook, Pen, Pencil, Crayon,etc.

Price of those products is very reasonable any one can buy that product.


ITC Classmate & Papercraft is stationary product that’s the reasone the availability place is Stationary shop, Book Depot, General Stores and that places is convenient for consumer access.

Promotion is Major factor for ITC. They Promote there products with the help of tag line

Because You Are One Of A Kind”
Its also help the advertisement, hoardings, banners to promote a product.

ITC Classmate Target Market:

In the targeting there are various types of group, persons, firms targeted by ITC Classmates.

The targeting its nothing but approaches to various types of personalities to purchase their products. The target market is easy to understand with the help of diagram.

Positioning of ITC Stationary:
Brand Positioning:

ITC is most popular name in Indian market. Every person known ITC. That’s helps to create to brand positioning for ITC Classmates & Papercraft. Now a days ITC Classmates is number 1 brand in Stationary market.

2. Product Positioning :
Product positioning is easy to known with the help of comparison with competitors product.

Market Positioning
The Dictionary meaning of the term advertising is ‘to give public notice or to announce publicity’.

ITC Classmate stationery Advertising Strategies:

ITC Classmate & Papercraft using three types advertising media.

Television Advertising (Clip)

2. Newspaper Advertising

3. Magazine Advertising

In the we are differentiate strengths, weakness, opportunity & Threats of two stationary companies. These are follow:

SWOT Analysis
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix helps companies evaluate each of its strategic business units based on two factors:

1) the SBU’s market growth rate (i.e., how fast the unit is growing compared to the industry in which it competes) and

2) the SBU’s relative market share (i.e., how the unit’s share of the market compares to the market share of its competitors). 

BCG Matrix
Future Analysis
Notebook Industry (NI) is an indicator of literacy.

Needs to be empowered and organized.

Support from the Central & State Government.

High Growth Industry – Mr. Chand Das, CEO of ITC Ltd.

However faces severe fluctuations due to presence of small scale and local manufacturers.

• As per the market scenario people has known the liking pattern of the ITC Stationery products. It is observed that overall retailers like to buy Stationery products of other companies.

• It is concluded that mostly people preferred Classmate of ITC due to its high quality and image. Some people often like to have good Quality at lower price that’s why they prefer other brands. Due to quality and brand image the ITC have they are able to attract the customers.

• It is thus concluded from the facts collected most of the market covered by the ITC but the concentration on advertisement & promotional activities will help them to become a market leader in stationery products.
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