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Prishi Amin

on 28 June 2015

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Transcript of KNIGHTS

Becoming a Knight
A boy will be sent to the neighbouring castle at the age of seven, where he will be trained as a page.The boy would spend most of his time strengthening his body, wrestling and riding horses. He also will learn how to fight with a spear and sword. He practiced on a wooden dummie, which is called a QUINTAIN. The boy would also be taught how to read and write by a schoolmaster. He could also be taught a little Latin and French. At the age of 15 or 16 a boy became a squire in service to a knight. When a squire is twenty years old he can become a knight if he proves he is worthy of becoming one.

*Squire- a boy in training to become a knight
Knights were one of the three types of men who fought during the middle ages/medieval times. Knights were covered in many layers of armour. They were usually the wealthiest of the three types of soldiers.
Knights believed in the code of chivalry. They promised to defend the weak and be polite to all women, be loyal to their king, and serve god at all times. They were also expected to be humble toward others and not talk to much.
A Medieval Knight
leg protection
Armour and Weapons
Knights were armed head to toe. They wore a linen shirt and a pair of pants as well as heavy woolen pads underneath the metal-ringed tunic. Suits of armor were uncomfortable, hot, and heavy to wear. A suit of armor weighed between forty and sixty pounds.
Knights lived in castles to protect the king/lord. They could also live in expensive towers or houses, but they mostly lived in manor houses. During the wars most knights lived in comfortable houses and in the battlefield they lived in tents.
A Knight's Home
Comparing knights to Police
- Knights would fight with swords and shields
- The Police use guns to protect themselves
- Knights wore armour to protect themselves
- The Police would only wear a hat, shirt , and pants
-Both protect their kingdom/community
-Both the police and knight would obey an important person
A Knight
Police Officers
Hi 4C. Our names are;



Today we're going to educate you about Knights. We hope you learn something new! :)
What would happen to the medival societies if there weren't Knights? Well since knights protect their village, the castle, and their people, so if there were no Knights there'll be frequent attacks from enimies and many people will get badly injured, some might even die. :( Also if there weren't knights the villages, castles and people woudn't be protected and most things/everything would be destroyed.

* This is our opinion *
We really appreciate that you listened closely to our presentation on Knights! Thank you for listening! :)
By:Prishi, Someel, Ashka, Krutarth, & Gurnoop
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