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Safe At Home

Book Report

Jared Armstrong

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Safe At Home

By: Jared Armstrong Setting * The setting takes place in a small town - Riverdale, Connecticut and at Hayworth Middle School * The time takes place in modern-day Character: Nick Crandall * His favorite sport is baseball and his position is catcher on his JV team. * Nick Crandall is a 7th grader who was adopted when he was 9 years old. * He isn't interested in doing his homework, and would rather be reading comic books instead. * He dislikes that his parents know little about baseball, and that they're English and Math college professors. * When the star catcher of the Varsity team gets hurt (only consists of 8th and 9th graders), he has to start on the Varsity team even though the rules say a 7th grader isn't supposed to play. * Nick's best friend is a girl named Gracie, and she likes to tell Nick what he's doing right and wrong. She always has his back. * Nick's teammates on the Varsity team treat him like he's on the opposing team, and they don't think he's good enough to play on Varsity. * Nick doesn't do his homework as much as he should.This upsets his parents because he sits in his room and reads Captain Marvel comic books. ( They're his favorite comics to read.) 5 Elements of Plot Exposition *Nick is at tryouts for the JV team. *Nick is playing catcher, and is practicing throwing runners out who are stealing. *Towards the end of the tryout, Nick gets pulled over by the Varsity coach, Coach Williams, and he tells Nick that the starting catcher for their team is hurt, so he has to play. Rising Action *When Nick goes to his first Varsity practice, all the players don't really like him since he got to move up when he is just a 7th grader. *During his first practice, all of his throws from the plate are really wide and high of the base, and player. *Later on in the story, when he goes to their annual Frogtown Fair, he wanted to go to the dunk tank to dunk one of his most hated teachers, when all of the sudden his Varsity "teammates" show up and tease him. *Nick is put under pressure by his parents when they tell him he won't play summer baseball if he doesn't do well with his school work. *He is put under more pressure when the Varsity team is going to face their huge rival, King, in their fourth season game. Climax *Nick is still having trouble in practices with his throwing, and he learns that most of his "teammates" think he sucks, which makes him angry. *Nick also gets mad at his parents for not being his type of parents, as in the ones that would want to play baseball with him and understand it. So he ends up yelling and screaming at them. *Nick also comes face to face with another problem, which is Gracie. Gracie is screaming at him when they are at her house, and she says that he is the biggest baby he knows and that he needs to learn to ignore the players who are mean to him on the Varsity team. *But Nick's last conflict is his toughest one yet...to do well in the Varsity home game against their major rival, King. Falling Action *Nick is forgiving his parents for what he had said the night of the argument, and shows his dad the book he was reading: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. This was his dad's favorite book and he was encouraging Nick to read that instead of comics. *Nick's teammates are starting to respect him in the game versus King and they are starting to accept him. Resolution *Nick's Varsity team ends up winning 4-3 vs. King when Nick throws a runner out at second when bases were loaded. He caught him leading off too far. *This was his last game in Varsity since their original catcher's wrist had healed, and he was ready to play again. Point of View The story is told in third person since the narrator is telling the story, but is not participating in the story. Theme The theme of the story is to never judge people when you first see them, and always keep your head up. Lexile: 970
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