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Word Relationships

What are synonyms, antonyms and homonyms?

Amy Heflebower

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Word Relationships

Choosing colorful words for meaning and context WORD RELATIONSHIPS Definition: Words that have exact or similar meanings SYNONYMS Definition: Words that have opposite meanings ANTONYMS Definition: Words that sound the same but have different meaning HOMONYMS terrible - awful - dreadful - horrendous Synonym Examples happy - elated - glad - thrilled sad - grim - somber - doomed trip - safari - journey - vacation weak - brawny - hefty - strong Antonym Examples Chair Matching Activity Photograph Throne Abysmal Merriment Wardrobe Clothes Mean Joy Picture Match the words that go together Chair --- Throne
Picture --- Photograph
Clothes --- Wardrobe
Mean --- Abysmal
Joy --- Merriment Matching Answers happy - miserable - sad - unhappy sad - cheerful - happy - joyful frozen - thawed - melted - slushy OPPOSITES Find the matching Antonym Matching Activity Cruel Kind Bent Straight Accept Refuse Backward Forward Clear Vague Build Destroy Accept --- Refuse
Backward --- Forward
Clear --- Vague
Bent --- Straight
Cruel --- Kind
Build --- Destroy Matching Answers Here - Hear Homonym Examples Blue - Blew Through - Threw Made - Maid Sun - Son Creek - Creak Whole - Hole Won - One a. Mary went to fetch a pale of water?
b. Mary went to fetch a pail of water? Which sentence is correct? a. Some of the toys are fun.
b. Sum of the toys are fun. a. Can I have a peace of cake?
b. Can I have a piece of cake? a. Their house is on King Street.
b. There house is on King Street. Their house is on King Street. Correct Sentences Mary went to fetch a pail of water. Can I have a piece of cake? Some of the toys are fun. Words Choices
Make a Difference Meaning
Better sounding words in sentences
Context clues in writing
Better sentence construction Synonyms, Antonyms and Homonyms provide... Autumn Same Meaning Fall VS. Pull Opposite Meaning Push Son Same Sound Different Meaning Sun
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