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Digital Storytelling

No description

Kim Grossenbacher

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling

ET 5063
Digital Storytelling
By: Kim Grossenbacher

Decide how Digital Storytelling will fit into your curriculum
Every content area can use digital storytelling as a tool to differentiate for your students!
Where can we find pictures?
Digital Storytelling
How do you know which tools to use?
There are many different Web 2.0 tools that you can use:

Here's a useful link to find good resources: http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2012/06/list-of-best-free-digital-storytelling.html
Where should I start?
Digital Storytelling allows for authentic works created by students to show their understanding of material
The key to a successful project is to give specific expectations and scaffold their learning! Give them a rubric before they start their project.
Teach the students how to use the technology tool. Be specific - tell them how YOU want them to use it. There are many different ways, but you set the parameters!
This can be used as a form of assessment
This can be used to motivate students
This can be used to meet Common Core Standards
or we have The Educational Technology Clearinghouse available at
Assignment for next session

Pick a topic within your content area for the next "Technology Tuesdays" session and we will make a short digistory together, so you can practice.
Think of any questions you might have and come prepared with your laptop.
Use them to provide examples and excitement to your lessons!
Use them as an assessment tool
Use them to provide differentiation in your classroom!
Your students should Use a planning sheet, such as a storyboard before starting the project
Rubrics provide expectations
What is digital storytelling?
*For this professional development series, we will use Chun-Ming, Gwo-Jen & and Iwen's (2012) definition of digital storytelling.

*"digital storytelling has been employed to develop the learning tasks as a project-based learning activity,
including taking pictures with digital cameras, developing the story based on the pictures taken, producing a film
based on the pictures by adding subtitles and a background, and presenting the story" (pg. 371).

Click here to see an example of a 7th grade Social Studies student project shared by the Pearson Foundation-
What does an example of a student project look like?
*Chun-Ming, H., Gwo-Jen, H., & Iwen, H. (2012). A Project-based Digital Storytelling Approach for Improving Students' Learning Motivation, Problem-Solving Competence and Learning Achievement. Journal Of Educational Technology & Society, 15(4), 368-379.
* Digital Storytelling Tools available at http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2012/06/list-of-best-free-digital-storytelling.html
*Pearson Foundation. Digital Storytelling 7th Grade Social Studies available at
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