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Climate Justice - Social Justice Lens - Dr Heather Hackman Briefing

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Tamara Wells

on 27 March 2017

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Transcript of Climate Justice - Social Justice Lens - Dr Heather Hackman Briefing

Climate Justice
The Heather Hackman Perspective

Beginning With Wholeness
A guided meditation to reconnect with our bodies....
Scarcity or Abundance?

Are we, human beings, inherently greedy and aggressive?
Do climate justice work through a racial justice lens.
What causes us, as individuals, to perpetuate systems of oppression?
What does it mean to do climate justice through a racial justice lens?
The Invention of Race
Sculpture and Image Courtesy of Jason deCaires Taylor
Works Cited
Sex differences in biobehavioral responses to threat: Reply to Geary and Flinn (2002).
Taylor, Shelley E.; Lewis, Brian P.; Gruenewald, Tara L.; Gurung, Regan A. R.; Updegraff, John A.; Klein, Laura Cousino Psychological Review, Vol 109(4), Oct 2002, 751-753. http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/0033-295X.109.4.751
Heather Hackman
Climate Justice, Racial Justice, Gender Justice are inseparable.
Tend and Befriend
Early theories of stress obscured differences in how men and women respond to threat. The tend-and-befriend model attempted to partially redress that oversight by identifying biological and behavioral patterns of stress responses distinctive to females, responses that are markedly social. Although men's behavior under stress may also be social, at least under certain circumstances, extending the tend-and-befriend model to men is premature and potentially flawed, from the vantage points of the underlying biology and the behavioral stress responses it may help to foster. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)
How much of this behavior is learned?
James Baldwin on "The Negro and the American Promise"
What white people have to do, is try and find out in their own hearts why it was necessary
to have a nigger in the first place, because I'm not a nigger, I'm a man, but if you think I'm a nigger, it means you need it.

The question you have got to ask yourself -- the white population of this country has got to ask itself -- North and South, because it's one country, and for a Negro, there's no difference between the North and South. There's just a difference in the way they castrate you. But the fact of the castration is the American fact. If I'm not a nigger here and you invented him, you, the white people, invented him, then you've got to find out why. And the future of the country depends on that. Whether or not it's able to ask that question.

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