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The Art of Persuasion

No description

Brenda Mair

on 26 October 2017

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Transcript of The Art of Persuasion

Pathos = the use of emotion to persuade
can evoke positive emotions (happiness, humor) or negative emotions (pain, anger, pity, guilt)
pathos is related to the words "pathetic," "empathy," and "sympathy."
A commerical about abused and neglected animals, with a sad song playing in the background and a plea for your help.
Politicians love pathos. Even starting a speech with, “My fellow Americans…” is an attempt to draw on your feelings of patriotism and unity with the speaker.
Ethos = the use of right and wrong to persuade.
appeal to moral sense--the idea that the author or idea is "right" because they are the expert on "right" or "wrong"
Ethos is related to the English word "ethics" and refers to the trustworthiness of the speaker/writer.
Albert Einstein would not have too much trouble convincing you that his opinions about physics are worthwhile and reliable. However, if I—an English teacher—were to try to convince you that my opinions about physics are worthwhile and reliable, you would probably laugh at me. I would have to work extremely hard to establish my credibility on the subject.
green energy, the golden rule, etc.
In Advertising
In Advertising
In Advertisement
Persuasion Is Part of Life
From the moment you wake up, you are given several chances every day to convince people to do something for you or your way. List 3 such chances you have had today.
Persuasion Brainstorm
Imagine that you want your parents to get a car when you turn 16. What reasons can you think of to persuade them to get you the car?
Logos = the use of logic or reason to persuade
usually demonstrated with statistics, facts, and data
the Greek work "logos" is the basis for the English word "logic."
When someone says, “If the legislature is truly a representative body, then women should make up 50% of its membership,” then he or she is relying on logos.
Now, come up with an ethos argument for your car.
Now, come up with a pathos argument for your car.
Now, come up with a logos argument for your car.
The Art of Persuasion
Rhetoric Evaluation
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