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The Dark is Rising

No description

shery girgis

on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of The Dark is Rising

Summary of Part 1
Midwinter’s Eve: On the eve of Will Stanton's birthday, he recieved the first sign of power. Walking home he noticed a scamp watching him with rooks diving at the man. When he was in his bed the catch came out from the skylight, by force dumping snow everywhere. His brother came and offered his room to Will. Will accepted and went to bed.
Midwinter Day: He hollered for everyone to wake but no one stirred.After he suited up he went outside on a walk. On his walk he stumbled upon the Dawson's son John Smith, with the rider. The rider tried to swoop will up on his Mid-night black horse but was intersected by John. After Will set off he found the Walker (the scamp) and was attacked by the rider. A white mare came to his rescue and dropped him off at the foot off two carved doors.
The Sign Seeker: Once Will is in the doors, he disappears and he meets the Old Lady and Merriman to find out he is a worker for the Light,an Old One. Acknowledging his powers, he starts a fire in the fireplace with his mind. Will, Merriman, and the Old Lady form the circle of power, but Will bursts it; causing the Old Lady to burst from pushing away the darkness.
The Walker on the Old Way: By the title, you can tell that he meets The Walker in this chapter.
The Dark is Rising Project
By: 3 girls: AKA Alanna,Shery, and Aurora
Character 1- Will Stanton
Will Stanton is an 11 year-old boy. On his 11th birthday, he discovers a special gift that will change his life. Will is the last of the Old Ones, immortals that keep the world from being overcome by the Dark. He is on the side of the Light. The Dark is Rising during the 12 days before Christmas, and Will must find the six signs in time to potentially save the world. He is the 7th son of the 7th son.Through his quest to find the Six Signs, which help him and the other Old Ones to prevent the Dark from rising, Will grows into a maturity which will often set him apart from his siblings.
Character 2- The Walker
The Walker seems to be a hostile person, but he has been helping Will to fight the Dark.He has a hoarse voice whenever he talks. He wears a jacket that hides him from direct view. The Walker is not very tall, but he is strong. Whenever he speaks, his voice is a hiss, similar to an upset child. He has carried the 2nd sign (sign of bronze) for so long, and it is a burden to him, but he has found that Will was the right one. The Walker was once Hawkin and he was once on the light side, but then he betrayed the light side to go to the Dark. Merriman uses him as a security device in the protection of the Book of Gramarye (that is the reason that he betrayed the Light).At the end, his body is taken back through time, where he is buried as Hawkin in the century where he belonged.
Character 3-The Rider
The Rider is a man named Mr.Mitothin,but the reader doesn't find out until later on. He is tall and wears a dark cloak, which is like a robe. His hair is red and grows over his neck. Whenever The Rider comes, the sky will darken ever so slightly.He is also known as the Black Rider from outside of time. He has a solemn, yet calm personality. He is not a friend of Will, for he is on the Dark side.
The Dark Knights!!!!
Mr.Fanguy's Class
Credits to:
Shery, Alanna,+ Aurora
Picture of Book....
Just Basic Information....
Actually.....Its a series
By:Susan Cooper
Published in 1984
When was it published???
Who wrote it?
Who was it published by?
Published by Puffin Books
Character 4 - Merriman
The Signs on Will's Belt
Theme of Identity
Summary of Part 2
Summary of Part 3
Merriman's full name is Merriman Lyon. He was Will's guide to finding the six signs. He is an old one, just like Will, and he is helping in the quest to defend the world against the evil forces of the Dark. He has white hair and his nose is like a hawk's beak. He is tall and has a bory head. Merriman has helped Will to discover his gift as an Old One. He is said to be the oldest of the Old Ones.
Description of Project 1
Description of Project 2

In our project, The Dark is Rising, we completed two parts. First and foremost, we made a diorama that includes four characters from our book. Those 4 characters were Merriman, Will Stanton, The Walker, and The Rider. Each of them have different traits and clothes. Merriman is wearing a suit and blue pants. As a prop, he is holding a tiny match because he holds it in one of the scenes. His hair is white, strait, and long. Merriman’s shoes are black. The Rider has a black cape (cloak) around him. He has red, short hair. He has a serious expression. His pants are maroon. He is also wearing black shoes and a suit jacket. As a prop for him, he has a horse that is white. The next character is Will; he is wearing a striped blue and green polo shirt. He is wearing khaki pants. His hair is like any other 11 year-old boy. As a prop, he has his belt with the six signs. The last, but not least, character is The Walker.
He is old and has some wrinkles on his face. His hair is gray and half-way bald. He, of course, is wearing his jacket that he wore in the book. As the second part of our project, we had a PowerPoint. More specifically, we had a Prezi PowerPoint. That is a site where you make Power Points. It has many slides such as Just Some Basic Information, the Summary of Part 1,2, and 3, the characters and how they each act, the theme of identity, credits, The Signs on Will’s Belt, etc. Our PowerPoint probably took us the most time, it being bigger. However, the PowerPoint is a guide to the diorama and it describes the diorama.
Will:He chose Light over the Dark and he made the right decision. If he were to be on the Light and pretend as if he were on the Dark, he would have many allies, but if they ever find out, he will be in a lot of trouble. Everyone will be untrustworthy of him, and they would probably force him to give back the signs. He would be defenceless. It is important to keep one's identity. He did that. Identity is basically just a state of remaining the same one. He was a great example of a true identity. His identity is described very well by the author.
Merriman: He is very trustworthy.Everyone knows him and his identity as a wise man that is on the Light side. It says that he is the oldest of the old ones.
The Walker: He has two identity's which could confuse the reader, but it could also mae his character seem mysterious. He is known as Hawkin, who was at one time at the side of the Light. He is also known as a mysterious tramp.
The Rider: The Rider has 2 identities. He is a man named Mr.Mitothin and he is also The Rider. Another name for him would be the Black rider. He is on the Dark and he is so mysterious that he even wears a cape.(That is not really the reason he wears a cape.
Wood - Kept by Miss Greythorne in the Manor and is renewed every hundred years.
Bronze - Carried by The Walker for six centuries.
Iron - Held by Frank Dawson is given to Will on his eleventh birthday.
Fire - made from the Candle Ring, completed by candles from the Dark, in the Great Hall.
Water - from the shipwreck in the River Thames in the King's hand
Stone - from the church wall in Huntercombe found by the light it gives off.
Christmas Eve: Will goes shopping for Christmas presents. Everyone in his family has an ornament with their initial except for will. He figures it has something to do him being an Old One. They go caroling to Miss. Greythorne’s class. He finds out that she is an Old One, but he isn’t sure.
The Book of Gramarye: Merriman gives Will a book that will give him something like magic spells. Once he reads them, they go into his brain. Hawkin was guarding his life with it.
Betrayal: Hawkin finds out that Merriman was about to kill him for a book and he betrays the Light to go to the Dark.
Christmas Day: He gets a present that has to do with him being an Old One.The Rider breaks into his house. He gets the Sign of Stone.
The Coming of the Cold: In this Chapter, the Dark has the power to make the weather cold, so they do. They are able to do this because the Dark is Rising. Will and his dad go to the manor so they can get food to eat and so that they can put the Walker there where he can be safe.
The Hawk in the Dark: Merriman, once again, comes across the Walker and he gives him a chance to return to the Light. He refuses. The Walker warns that they will all freeze.
The King of Fire and Water: Will gets the Sign of Fire and all the snow melts.That causes a flood, though. Mary (Will’s sister) runs from home and gets abducted by the Dark. The Dark wants to trade Mary for the signs. Will refuses but he gets his sister back anyway. He also finds Paul who was out looking for Mary. He also finds the Sign of Water at the end and the food stops.
The Hunt Rides: Will has to take a horse over to the Hunter before he can join the signs.
The Joining of the Signs: All the Signs join together, and now, the Light is back and better than ever.
"Iron for the Birthday, bronze carried long;Wood from the Burning,Stone out of Song,Fire in the cradle-ring,water from the thaw; six signs the circle,and the grail gone before"
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