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Edger Allen Poe

No description

Nolan Ford

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Edger Allen Poe

By Nolan Ford Edgar Allan Poe Family Education In 1831, Edgar Allan Poe went to New York City where he had some of his poetry published. He submitted stories to a number of magazines and they were all rejected. Poe had no friends, no job, and was in financial trouble. He sent a letter to John Allan begging for help but none came. John Allan died in 1834 and did not mention Edgar in his will.
In 1835, Edgar finally got a job as an editor of a newspaper because of a contest he won with his story, "The Manuscript Found in a Bottle". Struggling writer Edgar Allan Poe was in the U.S. Army, Fort Moultrie, South Carolina, and Fortress Monroe, Virginia threw May 26, 1827, to April 15, 1829, sergeant major honorable discharge. Military Services Wife(s) Birth Edgar Allan Poe was on born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. Edgar Allan Poe was born January 19, 1809 and 3 years later the son of David Poe Jr. and Elizabeth Arnold Poe, both are professional actors by the time he was 3 Edgar, his older brother and his younger sisters were orphans. The father deserted the family, and the mother died. The children were each sent to different families to live. Edgar went to the Richmond, Virginia, home of John and Frances Allan, whose name Poe was to take later as his own middle name. Edgar Allan Poe went to school at Grammar School: in Irvine, Scotland in 1815 then Sloane Street, London in 1815-16 then Manor House School, Stoke Newington threw 1817-20
Preparatory School: In Richmond, Virginia threw 1820-25
College: University of Virginia threw 1826, February to December. Edgar Allan Poe married his cousin, Virginia Eliza Clemm on May 16, 1836 in Richmond, Virginia by the Reverend Amasa Convers. Edgar was 27 years old and Virginia was 13. He was only married once.

Following Virginia's death in January 1847, Poe was engaged to be married to Sarah Helen Whitman. This engagement was broken off at the end of 1848 by Sarah. Actually, there is reason to believe he was relieved and may have broken a promise of abstinence to initiate the breakup. (He was also writing and professed his love for Annie Richmond at the time but she was married.)

In 1849, while on a lecture tour in Richmond, Virginia, he again courted his childhood sweetheart, Elmira Royster Shelton but there is some dispute whether they ever became officially engaged. He died before they could be married. Death & Burial Poems and Stories (con.) "The Raven".
"The Fall of the House of Usher" "The Tell-tale Heart".
"Murders in the Rue Morgue"
"The Purloined Letter" Edgar Allan Poe died on October 7, 1849 in Baltimore, Maruland
and nobody knows how he truly died some say alchohol others say died of depression and others say suicide.
He was buried on October 7, 1875 in Westminster Hall and Burying Ground next to his wife Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe his only wife. Books into Movies Usher (2004)
The Tell-Tale Heart (2009)
The Raven (1963)
Terror of the Soul (1995)
The Raven (2012) Poems and stories Hop-Frog
The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar
The Black Cat
The Cask of Amontillado
The Masque of the Red Death
The Pit and the Pendulum Sources Edgar Allan Poe Eight Tales of Terror
Great Tales of Horror by Edgar Allan Poe
http://www.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=005BZF The Tall Tale Heart(movies) The Raven(video)
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