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Amedeo Modigliani

Year 8 Visual Arts Assessment task Portrait Unit

joy chayna

on 24 May 2012

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Transcript of Amedeo Modigliani

Amedeo Modigliani
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
Welcome to the
Exhibition of............................
Room 1
Portrait of Leopold Zborovski
74x43 cm
http://www.abacus-gallery.com/shopinfo/uploads/1275450428_large-image_amedeo_modigliani_portrait_of_leopold_zborovski_1918_003_oil_painting_large.jpg (accessed on the 18-5-12)

http://www.allartclassic.com/img/Amedeo_Modigliani_MOA004.jpg (accessed on the 18-5-12)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeanne_H%C3%A9buterne (accessed on the 24-5-12)

http://puzzles-games.eu/puzzle-amedeo-modigliani-landscape-at-cagnes-and-cypress-trees-and-houses-1213.html (accessed on the 24-5-12)

http://www.artinthepicture.com/artists/Amedeo_Modigliani/dress.jpeg (accessed on the 24-5-12)

http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/modigliani/ (accesssed on the 24-5-12)
Portrait of Lunia Czeckovska
Oil on canvas
56x41 cm
Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne
46x29 cm
Now for an essay by the curator.....
Livorno, Italy (Amedeo's home town).
Amedeo's House.
He grew up here.
Amedeo's Studio
Amedeo Clemente Modigliani was an
Italian painter and sculptor. He was
into a Jewish family in Livorno, Italy, as the fourth child. He had a close relationship with his mother, who taught him up until the age of
. His mother recorded in her diary.......
"The child's character is still so unformed that I cannot say what I think of it. He behaves like a spoiled child, but he does not lack intelligence. We shall have to wait and see what is inside this chrysalis. Perhaps an artist?"
When he was
, he developed a case of Typhoid Fever. Then again at the age of
, he was told he was ill and had contracted the Tuburculosis which would later claim his life. When he was
, he insisted that he went and saw the paintings of Palazzo Pitti and Uffizi in Florence. Since then he had developed a passion for painting and began to experiment himself. Towards the end of his life, he still painted but began to drink alot. He got very sick and began to feint regually. He died in
. Hundreds of people attended his funeral.
The grave
of Amedeo
The grave
of Amedeo
Amedeo's Style:
Modigliani worked in Micheli's Art School from 1898-1900. Here his earliest formal artistic instruction took place in an atmosphere steeped in a study of the styles and themes of 19th-century Italian art. In his earliest Parisian work, traces of this influence, and that of his studies of Renaissance art, can still be seen. Micheli tried to encourage his pupils to paint en plein air, but Modigliani never really got a taste for this style of work. He preferrered to paint indoors, and especially in his own studio. Even when compelled to paint landscapes (three are known to exist), Modigliani chose a proto-Cubist palette. In 1906, Amedeo moved to Paris. Within a year of being there, his reputation had changed dramatically. The poet and journalist Louis Latourette, visited Modigliani's studio and discovered it as a "mess"! He was an alcoholic and drug addict by this time and his studio reflected this. His behaviour at this time sheds some light upon his developing style as an artist. But all up, it results in a style that is a remarkable mix of abstract art and classicism!
His subjects/themes:
Modigliani painted landscapes, portraits, still life and the nude. He mainly painted portraits.
You are about to see 9 of Amedeo Modigliani's
fine pieces of art over a space of 3 rooms. I
have placed 3 artwoks in each, according to.......
Room 1:
In this room the 3 paintings
will be a glimpse some of his
portraiture. You will see a potrait of.....
.Leopold Zborovski
.Lunia Czeckovska
.Jeanne Hebuterne
Room 2:
In this room you will
see 3 paintings that include
some sort of landscape.
You will see.......
Room 2:
In this room you
will see a glimpse
of some of his
landscape paintings.
You will see a painting of........
.The Tuscan Road
.Cypress Trees and Houses
.Landscape in the Midi
Room 3:
In this room you will see a
glimpse of some paintings in his last
years. You will see a painting
.Mario Varvogil
.Madame Hayden
.A Young Redhead in an Evening Dress
Room 1
Portrait of Leopold Zborovski
Oil on canvas
74x43 cm
Amedeo Modigliani
Leopold Zborowski was Amedeo Modigliani's primary art dealer and friend during the artist's final years, organizing his expositions and letting the Leghorn artist use his house as an atelier. As Modigliani's art dealer, Zborowski accumulated a small fortune, which he lost during the economic crisis of 1929, ultimately dying poor in 1932.
Portrait of Lunia Czeckovska
Oil on canvas
56x41 cm
I have organised each room
by themes. As you observe
the upcoming pieces of art,
make sure you look how each
one is different to the other.
From portraiture- landscape
and to his alcoholic years (paintings
with alot more darker colours).

Make sure you don't miss the final
portrait in room 1, as it is a
painting of Amedeo's first love,
and meant alot to him!
Don't rush, but savor and enjoy each
and every one of his pieces.........
Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne
Oil on Canvas
46x29 cm
Jeanne Hébuterne was born in Paris to a Roman Catholic family. She wanted to pursue a career in the arts, and with a talent for drawing, she chose to study at the Académie Colarossi. It was there in the spring of 1917 that Jeanne Hébuterne was introduced to Amedeo Modigliani by the sculptor Chana Orloff. Jeanne soon began an affair with the charismatic artist, and the two fell deeply in love. She soon moved in with him, despite strong objection from her deeply Catholic parents. When Modigliani died, Jeanne Hébuterne's family brought her to their home but Jeanne, totally distraught, threw herself out of the fifth-floor apartment window the day after Modigliani's death, killing herself and her unborn child.
Lunia Czeckovska was a family
friend of Leopold Zborowski's.
Modigliani got to know her by him
and was very fond of the friendly
and sensitive Lunia. He regually
painted her.
Room 2
The Tuscan Road
Oil on canvas
56x32 cm
The Tuscan Road is a road
in Italy, that Amedeo used
to drive to and from every
day when he went to art
school. It stretches 39km and
has beautiful scenery. He just
fell in love with it!
Cypress Trees and Houses, Midday Landscape
Oil on canvas
50x61 cm
This painting is one of only four landscapes of his career. He painted it in Southern France. It is one of the most famous works by Amedeo Modigliani in a genre that was did not interest him.
Landscape in the Midi
Oil on canvas
74x91 cm
Room 3
Mario Varvogil
Oil on canvas
52x43 cm
Not much is known about
Mario Varvogil, except that
he was a close friend of
Amedeo's from art school!
Midi is located in France
and is a unique landscape
with charming villages in
the mountains, nice market
towns and medival
buildings. Amedeo visited
here once and fell in love
with it's beauty!
Madame Hayden
Oil on canvas
20x24 inches
Someone had described to
Modigliani, about Madame Hayden
and Amedeo painted her as he
thought she looked like. Not much
is known on whom she is exactly.
Young Redhead in an
Evening Dress
Oil on canvas
58x72 cm
Amedeo came in counter
with a young beautiful
redhead wearing a gorgeous
black evening dress. He
just felt the urge to
paint such a beautiful
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