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06.06 War On the Bank!

No description

Timothy Keyes

on 3 January 2016

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Transcript of 06.06 War On the Bank!

Status Update - Gibbons v. Ogden Supreme Court Case
The judge ruled wrong! States should have the right to enforce laws and make their own decisions. I believe that a powerful central government poses a threat to individual liberties! This must be dealt with!
Previous Status - McCulloch v. Maryland Supreme Court Case
What are these judges thinking!?! The United States National Bank is unconstitutional! I think they need to review this case one more time...Now the constitution does NOT specifically grant the right to establish a bank!
Andrew Jackson
06.06 War On the Bank!
We (Democrats) are glad South Carolina didn't seperate from the United States because of the import tax and that the government worked it out and even though they did not remove the tax they did lower it. We can now continue to do business with South Carolina. Also without South Carolina we aren't the "United States". Therefore this was very good news for all...

Thoughts....Political Participation
Thoughts....National Bank
A National Bank is foolish and unconstitutional. The constitution does NOT specifically give the right to establish a bank. I for one am against this and also believe that a powerful central government poses a threat upon individuals liberties.
We need to keep Democrats as the U.S. president's! Republicans have outrageous beliefs and will tear this country to shreds with the changes they'd make! Vote me, Andrew Jackson, as president, You'll be happy you did!
Vote for the famous donkeycrat! He knows all about how to run the U.S.! Go Democrats!
I say tear it down! This building breaks the law! A National Bank is unconstitutional! Get rid of it!
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