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Auschwitz Resistance

No description

Kailey York

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of Auschwitz Resistance

Auschwitz Resistance
Auschwitz was a terrible camp that Jews were sent to after being captured. There they had to work for their freedom or they would be killed.
Auschwitz Revolt
For many people in Auschwitz it probably felt like there was no hope for an escape. Others thought that fighting was their best option. So many Jews gathered in an act to fight back. All prisoners in Auschwitz thought that they had nothing to loose so why not try to earn freedom.
What the Resistance Movement is
Jews and people who helped them were targeted. Once in concentration camps they were forced to abide by the rules of the camp. Men and women stood up for their children and their freedom by making dangerous decisions.
How the Resistance Movement Helped
In the beginning of the Holocaust it was only the Jews that could stand up for themselves but people started realizing that the Nazis were terrible so that made people want to help the Jews.
Auschwitz was the biggest camp during the Holocaust and it is also a place where thousands of people died trying to live.
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