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Digital Assessment

No description

Dusty Reed

on 9 March 2017

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Transcript of Digital Assessment

Why digital assessment?
saves time
instant feedback for student & teacher
great record keeping

Student-Lead Assessment
10. Lino

Virtual Bulletin Board
Sticky Notes
Picture, Video, Media
Great For.....
Exit Slips
Formative Assessment

Padlet = $$$$

9. eduCanon.... Playposit

Video Interaction
Google Interactive
Great for....
keep attention
formative assessment

May also want to consider-
Zaption, EdPuzzle
8. Socrative
7. Poll Everywhere

Mobile - Poll Everywhere

Instant Crowd Polling
Easy to Setup/Use
Instant Feedback
con - not personalized, tests. overall "views" of student data

Also consider using Poll Daddy!
6. Nearpod

mobile application
internet-based sharing
near by devices
many assessment types
also used for interactive lessons

Also consider using... GoClass
5. Kahoot

Game-Based Assessment
New and Popular
Easy to Use
Works Across All Devices
Formative Assessment
4. Pear Deck

Interactive Presentation
Instant Assessment
Teacher/Student Results
Great For....
Formative Assessment

Also consider using.... Office Mix!
Digital Tools for Formative Assessment
Dusty N. Reed, Ed.D


3. Plickers
2. Formative
1. Google Tools!!!!!

Mobile - Socrative Teacher, Socrative Student

Online Quiz
Fun, Interactive
Teacher Paced or Student Paced
Immediate Feedback
Easy to use
Teacher Visual Feedback

Also consider - GoSoapBox, Quizziz

mobile - Plickers by Nolan Amy

Free "Clickers"
Very Little Technology Needed
Instant Teacher & Student Feedback
Fun and Interactive
New and Popular

Assessment/Assignment Submission
Google Created
Easy to Get Started
Detailed Teacher Feedback
Detailed Student Feedback
Drawing and Other Unique Question Types
Document Conversion
Google Classroom Integration

Internet-Based Office Tools
Collaboration Across Contributes
In Order...
Google Forms
Google Docs
Google Slides
Google Sheets
Don't Forget Your Program Extensions and Add-Ons

Dr. Dusty N. Reed
Murray State University

College of Education and Human Service

3236 Alexander Hall
(270) 809-4582

More Resources.........
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