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The Borda Count Method

No description

Dallas Lee Hughes

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of The Borda Count Method

What is the Borda Count Method?
The Borda Count Method is the second most commonly used method to determine the winner of an election, named after Frenchman Jean-Charles de Borda. In this method each candidate on a ballot is assigned points
Facts about the Borda Count Method
Shows you that people actually voted for you just in case you don't win.
It produces a good compromise canadiate
If there are only two candidates, the Borda Count always produces the same winner as the Plurality Method
Susceptible to strategic voting
Pros-elect broadly acceptable candidates, rather than those supported by the majority.

Cons-It encourages a strategic approach by parties to nominations. An extra candidate increases the cardinal number of points in the system and alters the relativities between other candidates
Real World Example
Excursions in Modern Mathematics Textbook
Google Images
How it works?
An election with N candiates we give 1 point for last place, 2 points for second from last place and so on and the ponts are tallied for each candidate and the candidate with the highest total is the winner
Where do we use the Borda Count Method?
NBA Most Valuable Player Award
Heisman Trophy Winner
The Borda Count Method
Dallas Hughes
Discrete Math Honors
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