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The Constitution and 9/11: Recurring Threats to America's Fr

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Christina Wysocki

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of The Constitution and 9/11: Recurring Threats to America's Fr

Louis Fisher
Fisher's argument
"Following the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, the United States abandoned many of its rights and privileges for the accused, both citizens and non-citizens.... Two main themes guide this book: the damage done to constitutional values in times of stress, and how abuses are directed at, disfavored, isolated groups" (Fisher XV).

My Evaluation
Aftermath of 9/11
- significant amount of 9/11 legislation passed

-national security became much more of a concern

- the general attitude towards American Muslims shifted greatly

- more deportations and less immigration and tourism in America

The Constitution and 9/11: recurring threats to America's freedom
book by: Louis Fisher
presentation by: Christina Wysocki

- PhD in political science

- taught at Queens college, William and Mary law school, John Hopkins University, Georgetown University, American University, Catholic University and Indiana University

- wrote 23 books and more than 500 articles

- won many awards for historical writing

- invited to testify in front of congress more than 50 times

- reliable & educational
- use of multiple Supreme Court cases added to length
- more fact than analysis
- not enjoyable

overall: do not recommend
“It surfaces in times of crisis and emergency when the government argues, in the name of national security, that it must forgo public trials, withdraw procedural safeguards, block access to evidence, and limit free speech and free association. Those forces reappeared after September 11, 2001” (Fisher 171).

Pre 9/11 administrations allowed:
- Espionage act of 1917
- evidence withheld from Aaron Burr
- discriminated against Chinese immigrants for 10 years
- Japanese camps after Pearl Harbor

Post 9/11 administration allowed:
- NSA wire taping
- Guantanamo Bay
- State secret privilege
- Military tribunals

“The president's power in time of emergency was ‘temporary and exceptional’. Bush claimed he had powers that were permanent and fully lawful” (Fisher 90).

- the U.S. Constitution
- newspaper articles
- people author interviewed
- supreme court cases
- government documents
- other historical books
- made insightful connections and included detailed analysis

- successfully used a variety of different sources

- presented information in a clear way

- proved the validity of his claim with meticulous research and conclusions

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