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The Amazon Rainforest

No description

m ruscetta

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of The Amazon Rainforest

Many different frogs live in the Rain Forest
Many animals live in the Rain Forest
Many people cut down trees in the Rainforest.
This effects many plants and animals around
the Rainforest becasue that's animals homes
and hurts the growth of plants. It also effects
the Natives because they need the food that grows on some trees. This in an example of Human Environment Interaction (HEI)
The Amazon Rainforest is over 2 million square miles.
The Amazon Rainforest
This is Deforestation loggers cut down trees.
This effects animals and plants and other
natives. Animals live in the trees and deforestation
effects their living styles. When a tree is cut down it also effects plants around it by making them fall down when it falls. This is an example of Human Environment Interaction (HEI).

The Amazon Rainforest is located in Brazil. It is not fully covering Brazil only part of it, so saying that the Amazon Rainforest would be considered Relative Location, because that's the state its in.
Native Amazonians are moving all over the
Rainforest they cut down trees and collect sap. they also build new houses and communities when they move to a different area in the rainforest. This is an Example of Movement.
The Rainforest is much like a regular forest accept for it's hot climate and way more trees, but it has many different animals and trees. It holds all kinds of plants like a forest also. This is an example of Region.
The Amazon Rainforest is unique because it is bigger than any other rainforest or forest in that matter. It also has many plants and animals that other rainforests and forests don't have. This is and example of Place.
There are more than 750 kinds of trees, 1,500 plants, 225 natural mammals, 100 types of birds every 25 acres.

There are 6 different groups of Native Amizonians.
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