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The People of Sparks

No description

Erica Smedley

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of The People of Sparks

The People of Sparks By Danielle And Erica Problem- There wasn't enough food.
Solution-They found a supply of food and they protested. When they asked for more food from the families that were giving them food.
Problem-The people of Sparks threatend the people of Ember that they would have to leave the next day or else they would use there weapon.
Solution- They protested so the people of Sparks brought out there weapon and used. But then they made peace. Problem and Solutions Lizzie Bisco- Likes and follows Tick.
Mrs.Murdo- Takes care of Lina and Poppy ater Grandma dies.
Poppy Mayfleet- Baby, sick, Lina's little sister.
Mr. Harrow- Quiet, wise
Mary Waters- Town leader, Nice.
Ben Barlour-Hates the people of Ember, (Torren and Casper's uncle).
Wilmer Dent-Town leader.
Maddy- Nice, kind, quiet, caring.
Casper-Roamer, Torrens brother, mean/ grumpy. Characters The Alternet Ending (The Last chapter)

"I was so nervous that the people of sparks were going to put us out in the wild alone!!! With little food to eat we could have died. Well, at least we get to stay but how are we going to build houses!" said Lina in shock and excitement. "Well you just need to believe in your people and we need to listen to the instructions we are given. These people are nice, we are in good hands'' . replied Mrs.Murdo, All of this happened in a blink of her eye. It started with war which lead to people dieing but in the end they got to stay but the had to build their own houses. This was all about the people of Ember using their (the People of Sparks) resources. It was also about the people of Ember being "mean" because Doon through the tomatoes onto the shed. When it really was Torren. When she finally came to the doctors house Mrs.Murdo put Poppy down and opened the door to the doctors house. Dr.Hester, Torren, and Maddy came into the living room and all at the same time they asked, "What happened?" Lina replied "I have know clue"
The End Chapter 1 - Torren sees people coming over the hill the people of Sparks say that the people of Ember can stay.
Chapter 2 -The people of Ember settle into Sparks.
Chapter 3 -The people of Ember get assigned to families that will take them home and care for them.
Chapter 4-Lina goes to the doctor's house and Dr.Hester gives Poppy medicine Lina, Poppy and Mrs.Murdo sleep in Torren's room.
Chapter 5-They get to see the Pioneer Hotel.
Chapter 6- Lina learns knew definitions of words.
Chapter 7- The people of Ember get jobs Doon agrees to work on Tick's idea with him.
Chapter 8- The roamer comes, and Lina visits Doon.
Chapter 9- The people of Ember work on their chores and protest about the lack of food they have been getting,
Chapter 10- Torren showed Lina his treasures for Casper.
Chapter 11- Tick starts a project to make a plaza.
Chapter 12- Casper comes home with a partner, that makes Torren mad.
Chapter 13- Lina goes with Casper And Maddy.

Read The Book to Find out the rest Plot Summary Genre explanation The people of sparks is science fiction. I know that because it is set in the future, science fiction usually is set in the future, set in outer space, has aliens, or other strange creatures that don't exist in real life. The People of Sparks is set in the future we know that because they said that before the disaster they had moving pictures (TVs), elephants, gasoline and more. Those are all things that we have now. Our opinions on the book Danielle: It was a really good book, I like how you always were waiting for something to happen and it wasn't like one of those books were you know exactly what will happen next.
Erica- It was good, but it had a few too many details. Can the People of Sparks fit into another genre??? The People of Sparks could be fantasy because it has details that make in imposable to happen in real life, like that the people of Ember came from under ground. It is set in the future. Fantasy has details that make it imposable to happen and can have talking creatures. The End Questions or Comments
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