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The Crucible

No description

Lacy Cannella

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of The Crucible

The Crucible
Why do you think Miller chose these people as his characters?
We believe Miller chose the people he did for the Crucible because they are the real people and victims at the time. He changed some details about the characters like their age or who they were involved with (people assoiated with). But he kept most names the same so his play could be as factual as the real events.
What actually happened to the victims of the Salem witch trials?
There was strong belief that Satan was acting upon the world, recruiting "witches and wizards" to work for him,and when there were times of troubles ,Satan was believed to be active.
Historical Events & Figures of Salem Witch Trials: The factual people of Salem
What events lead to these trials?
Who was involved-
as prosecutors?As victims?
The prosecutors of the Salem witch trails include: John Hathorne and Jonathon Corwin.
The victims on the other hand is a long list but here's a few: Rebecca Nurse, Mary Bradbury, Martha Corey, Giles Corey, John and Elizabeth Proctor, Sarah Goode and George Burroughs.These are the real victims.
The victims of the witch trials were executed if they didn't confess to witchcraft, if they did confess to witchery they weren't killed but they basically put the blame on someone else. Only 19 were recorded that were hung, the other was said to be stoned to death.
What were the outcomes of the trials for these people?
The victims were falsely accused of being seen with the devil ,dancing with the devil,worshiping the devil type of thing. They were put on trial and shunned for their sins.
How do historians interpret these events?
The historians interpreted them as religious punishment and as a way for people to get rid of others, the people accused as witches were often accused because some religious thing they did or because someone didn't like them; if they got enough people to testify against the accused then the accused would die.
The Salem witch trails occurred in Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693
Over 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft.
24 people died during the Salem witch trails.
A witch craze swept the Salem village. It began when a group of girls gathered at night in the home of reverend Paris listening to stories told by Tituba (his slave). They also played fortune telling games which were strictly forbidden by the puritans.
Lacy Cannella
Kylie Tallman
Nick Rengers
Just remember to ...
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