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Medical Student Driven Ultrasound Education

No description

Jennifer Cotton

on 3 October 2017

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Transcript of Medical Student Driven Ultrasound Education

Hands-On Skills Workshops
Student Mentors
Ultrasound Lectures
Provide Ultrasound Curriculum

Medical Student Approach to
Ultrasound Integration
Student-driven and generated ultrasound education
Jennifer Cotton
University of Kentucky

Who Am I?
What Does Student-Driven Ultrasound Education Look Like?
What Is Student Driven Ultrasound Education?
Medical student generated
extracurricular ultrasound
medical student
interest in ultrasound to
drive curriculum change

A medical student who loves ultrasound!

How I Got Interested in Ultrasound at an Institution with No Ultrasound Curriculum
This guy...
An idea for a skills workshop
What I Do with Ultrasound
Teach Ultrasound!
President of USIG
Share Ultrasound
with Others
(direct quote from my last evaluation)
It Looks Like This!
What an Ultrasound Student Organization Can Provide
(Peer to Peer Teaching)
Ultrasound Practice Lab
(using existing FOAmed resources)
An Introduction to Ultrasound
Completely Outside of the Curriculum
More Ultrasound Education
Ultrasound Shadowing
Workshops for non-US student organizations
Ultrasound Grand Rounds
Establish an elective
(to get students excited about ultrasound)
How Does an Ultrasound Student Organization Work?
Students Organize Their Own Ultrasound Education
Problems Solved
Not enough ultrasound faculty to organize education for 100s of med students
Administration doesn't want to invest time/money/etc. into ultrasound education
Curriculum change takes time
And so much more!
Students Run Their Own Ultrasound Education Club
Establishes student ultrasound leaders
Students organize their own learning events
Students learn what interests them
Student can access all the resources available to student groups
Doesn't require curriculum change for education to occur
(important for curriculum integration)
(minimal faculty
commitment required)
Uses Student Ultrasound Mentors to Teach Ultrasound
What Student Mentors Do
Student ultrasound teachers that thoroughly learning ultrasound scans to teach to their peers
Learn specific ultrasound scans in advance of teaching events
Teach hands-on small groups in student ultrasound workshops
Assisting students in ultrasound practice labs
Meet one-on-one with students to help them with particular scans
Problems Solved
Not enough ultrasound faculty to teach 100s of students!
Basic Components of an Ultrasound Student Group
Monthly hands-on ultrasound workshops
Ultrasound lectures series
Access to ultrasounds for independent scanning practice
A self-study FOAMed based curriculum
Website to keep members connected
Utilizes Existing Ultrasound Resources
Use FOAMed!
Don't re-invent the wheel to make a curriculum!

FOAMed resources
already complied into a curriculum here
Access Resources from Across Multiple Departments
Problems Solved:
Curriculum development takes time... no need to wait!
Lack of ultrasound faculty to make curriculum... not a problem with FOAMed!
Student have more interaction with faculty from many departments
Can more readily identify ultrasound competent faculty members
Can request faculty to teach their student group
Accessing Faculty from Across Departments
Ultrasound Machine Access
Request to use departments' ultrasound machines for teaching purposes
Students work across entire hospital, so they're able to discover where ultrasound machines are
Problems Solved
No dedicated ultrasound machines for teaching
Lack of known faculty capable of teaching ultrasound
Brings together ultrasound resources from across institution
How This Influences Ultrasound Integration
What You Can Do
Students Are in a Unique Position to Cause Change
Have Large Numbers
Can create more pressure on medical school administration than a few dedicated faculty
Daily contact with faculty and medical school administrators
Direct Faculty Contact
Hold positions on curriculum committees
Smart and Motivated Group
It's crazy not to use such a large group of smart, motivated individuals as a resource!
It's Their Education
They are more motivated than anyone else to get the best education
Students should have a say in their education
Students Can Change the Culture of Ultrasound at Your Institution
Students as Ultrasound Ambassadors
Frequent contact with faculty and resident physicians from all departments
Have numbers to reach significant numbers of physicians in your institution
Students can demonstrate bedside ultrasound's applications and use it to improve patient care
Teaching the Teacher
Show faculty that ultrasound isn't that hard to learn
Demonstrate that bedside ultrasound can improve patient care
Teach them actual ultrasound skills
If nothing else, embarrass them into learning
(so medical students don't show up faculty)
The Kentucky

Ultrasound Grand Rounds
In 1st year classroom
Immediately after class
With free food
First years hearing ultrasound education talk & wanting more ultrasound in curriculum
Student Organized Ultrasound Workshop
Student group sponsored
1/3 of pre-clinical students attended
Invited deans and faculty to witness
Collected data: 100% wanted ultrasound in curriculum
They Can Collect Data
Attend all student events and can easily collect data to...
Provide objective data on student interest in ultrasound education to support ultrasound integration
Student Generated Pressure
for Ultrasound Integration
Ultrasound Faculty Support
Ultrasound in Physical Exam Curriculum
Year 1
Year 2
Ultrasound Student Group Formed
Student generated ultrasound education
>85 dedicated students who regularly learn ultrasound outside of curriculum
Educated 100s of students in monthly workshops
Introduced entire class of 1st year medical students to ultrasound
Generated ultrasound ambassadors: stimulated faculty interest and affecting patient care
Independent Study
Ultrasound Elective
Student written curriculum for independent study elective formed by single student for Fall semester
Significant student interest, so others joined by Spring semester
Official Ultrasound Elective
Faculty Interest
in Ultrasound
Ultrasound Competent
Medical Students
Improved Patient Care!
Increased Pressure for Full
Ultrasound Integration
Change in
Ultrasound Culture
Increase Student Awareness!
Give a Lecture
(with free food)
Offer Ultrasound Shadowing
Show Us What Ultrasound Can Do!
Teach Us!
Start teaching your
student mentors & ultrasound leaders
Establish an ultrasound elective
Ultrasound shadowing
Plant the Seed and Watch We Can Accomplish!
Recruit us to the cause!
Recruit Your Motivated Students to Found a USIG
Share the USIG model
with your students
Share USIG starter
toolbox (SonoMojo)
Direct from my last evaluation
Email: SonoMojoUS@gmail.com
Twitter: @SonoMojo
(Ultrasound Student Interest Group)
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