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Harlem Renaissance


josh finnegan

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance (1920-1940's) Langston Hughes,
probabaly the most
well know writer in the
Harlem Renaissance. He
wrote short stories, childrens
books, poems,novels,
and translations. AAron Douglas, one of
the most well known artist
during theHarlem Renaissance. Wallace Thurman,
he was a ghost writer
editor, and publisher
for a few of the
writer in the
Harlem Renaisssance Zora Neale Hurtson,
she published many
articles, short stories and even some novels
by the end of the
Harlem Renaissance He had a few different styles
of art, from Acient Egyptain, Modern European, to West African. Prohibition Started about the same time as the Harlem Renaisance, which lead to Organized Crime.
Also the United States abolished
slavery a short time before the
Harlem time period. The Harlem Renaisance symbolized strength and positive movemnt for African Americans. It gave them hope, they knew they could be successful. there were artist,writes, poetry writers and even dancers The Harlem
Renaissance was a
movement by African
Americans in New
York City Alain Locke started
the Harlem Renaissance, and was know as the "new negro movement" Harlem Renaissance Test
1)What was the time period of the Harlem Renaissance?
2)What was the Harlem Renaissance?
3)Who started the Harlem Renaissance?
4)What was the time period known as beside the Harlem Renaissance?
5)Who was one of the most well-known writers?
6)What did he/she write?
7)Who was one of the most well-known artists during this time period?
8)What was his/her style of art?
9)Who was a well-known ghost writer during the Harlem Renaissance?
10)Who was the most famous women writer during this time period?
11)What else in the world was going on during this time period?
12) What does the Harlem Renaissance symbolize to people? Activity: pick one of Langston Hughes poems, or Aaron Douglas’s paintings and analyze it.
Tell what the poem/painting symbolizes, and what he meant by the poem or painting.
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