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100 Latin Words

No description

Natalie A

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of 100 Latin Words

Natalie Allgaier 100 Latin Vocabulary January 7, 2013 4th Period infans noun baby, child infant donum noun present, gift donate, donation aqua noun water aquatic, aquarium liber noun book library dominus noun master dominate, domination sacerdos, sacerdotem noun priest sacrament, execrate mons noun mountain effigies, effigiem noun image, statue flos, florem flower noun floral scribit to write verb scribe, scribble navigo, navigare, navigavi to sail verb navigate, navigation summus, summa, summum highest, top adjective summit consentio, consentire, consensi to agree verb consent aedificio, aedificio, aedificavi to build verb edifice faber, fabrum craftsman noun fabricate, fabric tollo, tollere, sustuli to raise, lift verb sustain pulsat to hit, punch verb pulsate aranae, araneae spiderweb noun arachnid gemma, gemmea jewel noun gem effigy multitudo, multitudinis crowd noun multitude, multiple navis ship noun navy, naval cado, cadere, cecidi to fall verb canis dog noun canine flamma, flammae flame noun flammable culina, culinae kitchen noun culinary celebro, celebrare, celibravi, celebratus to celebrate verb celebrate, celebratory iuvenis young man noun juvenile compleo, complere, complevi, completus to fill verb complete denses thick adjective dense villa house noun village ambulant to walk verb ambulance umbra noun ghost, shadow umbrella cinis, cineris ash noun cinders luna, lunae moon noun lunar femina, feminae woman noun feminine gladiator, gladiatoris gladiator noun gladiator minor, minor, minus smaller adjective minor poeta, poetae poet noun poet, poetry urbs, urbis city noun urban, suburban vinium, vini wine noun wine portus harbor noun port solus alone, lonely adjective solitude,solo equus horse noun equestrian magnus large adjective mangitude, magnificent anulus ring noun saxum rock noun pes, pedis foot, paw noun pedestrian derideo mock, make fun of verb deride mare sea noun marine cibus food noun kibble quaerit searches for verb question, query pecunia money noun pecuniary hortus garden noun horticulture dormit sleeps verb dormant exit goes out verb exit bibit to drink verb bib leo lion noun leonine laetus happy adjective elated fur, furis thief noun fortis brave, strong adjective fortify, fortitude dico, dicere, dixi, dictus say, declare verb frater brother noun fraternal murus wall noun mural primus first adjective primary stultus stupid adjective pestis pest, rascal noun pest inimicus enemy noun inimical agitat, agitavit chases, hunts verb agitate porta gate noun portal silva woods, forest noun silvan, savage fabulam agit acts in a play verb hodie today noun stat stands verb stationary vituperat tells off, curses verb vituperate nubes cloud noun rideo, ridere laugh, smile verb riddle iudex judge noun casus accident noun casualty mensa table noun mesa negotium agit does business verb stupid, stupidity perterritus terrified adjective petrified signum sign, seal noun sign sed but conjunction fugit runs away verb fugitive fundus farm noun fund, foundation mittit, misit sends verb transmit custodit, custodivit guards verb custody terra ground, land noun terrestrial tres three adjective trellis, trident timet, timuit is afraid, fears verb intimidate dies natalis birthday noun homo person, man noun homosapien manet, mansit remains, stays verb tradit, tradidit hands over verb trade civis citizen noun civil, civilized exercet, exercuit exercises verb exercise fert, tulit brings, carries verb hospes guest noun hospitable
legit reads verb legitimate vale good-bye verb
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