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kim joontae

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of 발표

Oligonucleotide synthesis Joon Tae, Kim
Fungal Plant Pathology Lab,
College of Agriculture & Life sciences,
Kangwon National Univ. Oligonucleotide synthesis Oligo-: 10~50...100 Oligonucleotide Short DNA molecule Primer for PCR Probe for detection Solid phase synthesis method silica, controlled pore glass.. Step1. Attachment Solid phase synthesis methd silica, controlled pore glass.. Step2. DMT deletion Solid phase synthesis method silica, controlled pore glass.. Step3. coupling Step4. capping Solid phase synthesis method silica, controlled pore glass.. step4. Oxidation silica, controlled pore glass.. From the basics- DNA structure & Phosphodiester bond Solid phase synthesis method silica, controlled pore glass.. 3' 5' The riverse synthesis Solid phase synthesis method silica, controlled pore glass.. step5. Cleavage& deprotection Acetonitrile Ammonium hydroxide Thank you~ -Form when winds from various directions blow over large volumes of sand.
- Form when winds from one direction blow over small amounts of sand
- Are generally not found in the middle of desserts 따라서 답은 4번,6번 Crescent dunes form on the edges of deserts where there is less sand and where the winds blow mainly in one direction. These dunes, which are also known as barchan dunes, are less stable than star-shaped dunes and can shift as much as 20meters per year as winds blow over the outer curves of the crescent in the direction of the pointed ends. When the direction of the wind changes so that it comes from different directions, star-shaped dunes form from the massive amounts of sand in desert interiors. Star-shaped dunes are relatively stable dunes that reach incredible heights, up to 80 meters high in some deserts, and are quite common in massive deserts such as the Sahara. Ridge dunes form where there are large amounts of sand, generally in the interiors of desserts, and winds blow in one direction. Under these conditions, parallel ridges of sand, known as transverse dunes, form at right angles to the wind. Sandy deserts contain enormous volumes of sand eroded from mountains and carried to the desert by wind or water.
The huge quantities of sand that make up sandy desert are blown about into dunes of various shapes. 해안이나 사막에서 세찬 바람이나 바닷물 따위에 의하여 모래가 운반되고 퇴적되어 이루어진 언덕(10cm이상의 높이를 갖는 언덕)
사구는 한 장소에 고정되지 않고 독특한 모양을 유지하면서 바람이 부는 곳으로 이동하는 경우가 많다. 모래가 만약에 육지쪽으로 많이 날라간다면 농경지가 묻히기 때문에 해안의 주민들은 방풍림이나 방사림을 조성하여 모래의 이동을 막는다.
각 나라의 국립 공원에서는 사구를 보존하고 있으며 지역마다 형태가 다르며 여러 종류의 사구가 있다. Sand dunes(사구)란
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