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Prezi on how to make Prezies

Prezi on how to make Prezies

N1nja _129

on 29 June 2013

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Transcript of Prezi on how to make Prezies

A Prezi on Prezis
This prezi will cover:
Inserting Pictures and videos
Inserting Frames and Text
Change direction of the slide path
And all of the basics of the basics
Create an account
on prezi
Insert your e-mail and create a PassWord
Choose a Template
There are 57 different templates.

Now click template on your top tool-bar to change theme.
There are 21 different themes
Inserting and Changing Text
Inserting diagrams and Symbols
Click insert on your tool-bar
If you want the same as mine
I'm using
Temp : Phases of a Process
Theme: Sketchy Theme
Click the 'New Prezi+' Button to start Making
your Prezi
Body Text
These fonts will chance for each theme you are using.
Click anywhere on your board to insert a text box
You can change
Inserting Frames, lines and arrows
To do this click "Frames & Arrows' on your tool-bar. Select the option; hold left click to create the disired size
Circle Frame
Bracket Frame
You can change the colour by selecting 'Style'
Colour will chance for each theme.
Inserting Pictures and Videos
Select 'Insert' on your toolbar.
To insert a video you have to copy and paste
the URL of the video.
Zooming and Overlooking
your Prezi
Over the Right-Hand side of your screen there will be a home button a
And a
Zoom-In button

The home button overlooks your Prezi.
You can zoom in on a frame by selecting it on the
Left-Hand side
Hold left-click and drag to move the view
Prezis can be Interactive
Task: Finish the jigsaw
hi 7R
hi im alistair
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