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Civil War Notes

No description

Rohit Aita

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Civil War Notes

Table of Contents:
Shrikar: Britain's Reasons for Neutrality
Sapan: Reasons for Emancipation, as well as Issues
Rohit: Overall Effects of Civil War
Devan: Life after Civil War

Differences and Similarities Between the North and South During the Civil War
The War Changes Lives (Devan)
- 13th amendment added to the constitution
- gradual improvements of african americans lives

-soldiers returning to their towns and farms from the war, large cities and railroads made, gold mines discovered
-The American Red Cross was made

Abraham Lincoln assasination
-tragic death, Lincoln was shot by southern confederate sympathizer
-Millions mourned his death

Why did Britain remain neutral?
Proclaiming Emancipation
What led Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation?
The High Support for Abolition
Majority of North supported abolition, increasing the pressure to abolish slavery for Lincoln.
Lincoln viewed the Emancipation Proclamation as a military policy that targeted enemy resources, the slaves.
Mixed Reactions to Emancipation
a) North's Reactions
Free blacks were eager to enlist in the Union army
Democrats claimed it would prolong the war.
Union soldiers grudgingly accepted it as long as it reunified the nation.

b) South's Reactions
Large Supply of Cotton...
Trent Affair....
North's Importance to Britain...
Britain was no longer in need of the South

Britain has other
resources to receive
The Test of Neutrality
Union solved conflict to ease tension
Important Trading Partners
"King Wheat"
"King Corn"
Southerners were more determined to fight to preserve their way of life, as predicted by Democrats
Many realized compromise was no longer a possibility.

The War Changes the Nation: The Impact Is Like No Other Wars
Political Change
No state threatened secession
More federal government control
Federal Aid
- National Banking System
- National Railroad System
- Passed antitrust laws

Economic Gap
High Human Cost of War
- High casualty amount
- Lack of workforce
How did the Civil War Change the Nation?
Newly Enlisted Free Blacks
Southern Massacre of Black Soldiers.
(Fort Pillow April 12th, 1864)
By: Sapan Patel
North Economy Boomed
South Economy Collapsed
How did African Americans lives change?
Abolishment of slavery
North and South finding new ways of life after war

The Civil War
By Rohit, Shrikar, Sapan and Devan
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