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Career anylasis 1 Teacher

Samantha perez

sam perez

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Career anylasis 1 Teacher

Elementary Teacher The teacher is responsable for:

providing an educational atmosphere where students have the opportunity to fufill there potential to learn.
The teacher is also responsible for any student while teaching and during school hours.
The teacher is also responsable for providing fun learning games for the student sto help them learn activley about that particular subject.
The teacher is also responsible for assisting the students if they're having any trouble with there assignments
Maintain effective records on the students behavior,classwork, and if there absent.
Thease are just some of the daily jobs students do every day The education that is required for being a teacher is:
Bachaler degree or higher(Masters degree prefered)
Teaching and online experience valued
A willingness to share there christian testimony and instruct other in faith
Knowledge base requirements:
Certified in relevent subject area
Knowledge of students in distant learning enviroment
Operational knowledge of the internet and web related technologies
The salary range for this career is:
from $30.441 to $40.004 a year
Bonuses can be a large impact on your salary I think that in the future teachers wont have to do as much because we as humans are creating so much new technology that teechers are just going to have to give the student an ssignment. And watch the kids I think that America will be in the highest demand because japans going to buy i debt sooon when we dropped the bomb. Teachers use many computer devices like microsoft office,internet explorer,email and more. The students are the costomers.They are in this classroom all the time and there job is to get their school work done. They work with other schools and interact with them to have big feildtrips they also interact with government to get things approved. The kids need alot of help on their work .So most of the time the teachers either grading their work or helping the students. Math is used on a daily basis . They usually have a math call for about 30 minutes . There are alot of communicating with eachother during school hours.The children are always communicating with eachother. Discussing there assignments and working together. Thankyou! Samantha Perez
prd. 5
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