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Inter Disciplinary Capstone Design

Sarvagya Vaish

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of IDCD

Companies Admins Inter Disciplinary Capstone Design design.gatech.edu Information about capstone and deadlines Submit A Project Download form
Fill it out by hand
Upload it Fill out an online form Project marked as "Submitted" In the background.... Confirmation sent to Company Notification sent to Admin Students Faculty Tabular view of all "Submitted" projects Name Information Action Accept Reject Jet Packs Admins communicate with companies in case project details and logistics need to be edited. Once finalized and "Accepted" by the admin, projects are visible to Faculty for the ongoing term. Tabular view of "Accepted" projects Name Information Actions Comments Jet Packs Faculty can view all project information and comment on projects to communicate with the admin. Faculty must choose the Lab Section they will be advising (L01, L02, etc.)

Future work - pull this information from OSCAR. I approve this project "Approved" projects are then visible to the students in the faculty's lab section or if they are in a group with students from the faculty's lab Students will use T-Square and Piazza to communicate with other potential team mates. Groups Create New Join Existing Notifications and emails will be sent to help confirm group related actions Name Information Actions Jet packs Propose Students will be able to see all projects but will be able to only Propose for ones approved by their faculty Tabular view of Proposals Name Groups with proposals Jet Packs Group 4 Group 6 Group 11 View all projects and all proposals in a table View group and proposal information to make a decision. Then "Assign" the project to a particular group. In the end, one final email will be sent out to all faculty members with information about groups and assigned projects. ... and don't forget to log out! Students and faculty members will also be able to submit project ideas by following the same steps
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