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"The Setting Sun and the Rolling Hills"

No description

Jasia Islam

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of "The Setting Sun and the Rolling Hills"

Charles Mungoshi The Setting Sun and the Rolling World Summary The Setting Sun and the Rolling World is about the struggles between a fathers concern over his son's future.Musonis son Nhamo believes that greater treasures lie in the world, which is far and beyond his fathers vision.Nhamos decision to leave his home creates a disheartening for his father. Plot: exposition:the sun shines sun and another day begins.After two months of a previous quarrel nhmao has built up the courage to discuss his departure in to the unseen world.
rising action:Nhmao is prepared to leave, but Musoni raises his concern on his future. He speaks to about the importance of the things most important to him,family.
He tells him this is where he belongs, his home.He tells nhmao about the reality of the world has never seen and its dangers.
climax:Nhmao and Musoni approach a Climax point in there battle. Nhamo wins his fathers heart
resolution: Musoni lets his son choose his own future, a path which he will lead own his own. Themes: Hyperbole-Freedom and vision
the theme of this story is how freedom and vision of one person can differ from another. Masouni believes that this world consists of the only the life he has created for himself.he describes the world outside his 'bubble' as dangerous.from the following paragraph we are able to extract.“A homeless, nameless vagabond living on dust and rat’s droppings, living on thank-yous, sleeping up a tree or down a ditch, in the rain, in the sun, in the cold, with nobody to see you, nobody to talk to, nobody at all to tell your dreams to. Nhoami his son visions his future beyond the farmland. Characters: Musoni is protagonist in the story. He is described as a old man, who is loves all that surrounds him. He takes pride in his family,home and land. he considers the world he lives as beautiful, but not perfect. He dreams only of what he has, and doesn't go any further. his son Nhmao is different from his father, his dreams go beyond the boundaries beyond what he has lived most of his life in. Conflicts Person. vs. son
Musoni and some share different views which creates the conflict in the story. He doesn't want his son to leave his family but the son persuade his decision to attain what he wants.

Person vs. nature.
Musoni is surviving to live with what he has. his farmland has not provided much prosperity in his life, with harsh after effects of droughts and mother nature . this conflict is his survival with the nature that surrounds him. significance of title point of view this story is written by the author in third person(omniscient view). The Setting Sun and the Rolling World, as the title
reflects the story in every perspective.The story begins with sun setting and ends in the same way. the title signifies how a setting sun can bring a new day, and for Musonis son it would it would represent a new future. ECHO FUTURE path dreams freedom
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