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Zero to Hero

No description

Josh Kurtti

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero By: Josh KurttI It was the summer of my 8th grade year and Goodhue was having its annual summer basketball camp, but this year was a little different. A couple new kids where there. We all got introduced the first day and that was the first day ever meeting Richie. Richie was an all around athlete he played football, basketball, and snowboarded. We all just thought he was like any other normal kid. Two years later He had the nice car, the girlfriend, and started on all the sports teams. We all became really good friends with Richie. We started hearing rumors that he smoked marijuana. Marijuana wasn't a very popular thing in the small farm town of 700. He got a couple of our friends into it but when Jr. year came around everyone stopped but Richie. He smoked before every game claiming it helped him "focus". None of us thought anything of it. Then in the fourth game of the season he hurt his back benching him for the season. So he started to smoke to pass the down time. We won the state championship that year. He was really depressed since he was unable to play. We found out later that when he was skipping practice he was hanging out with some of his friends from his hometown. He started acting differently: he was short tempered, have mood swings, and skip school. A couple of us confronted him and he shoved one of us into the lockers and ran off. Then late one night a couple of us where hanging out and got a call from. Richies dad he told us Richies trying to move out. We rushed over to his house to see Richie was having a mental breakdown. After a couple hours of yelling we finally calmed him down and he told us what was going on. He told us that one of his old friends introduced him to coccaine and he became addicted to it. He told us he stole over $2,000 from his parents to feed his habbit. He was driving to get it almost every day of the week After that night Richie became a out-patient at the local Drug Rehabilitation center. He was going to meetings everyday after school to talk to a councelor. It was all going good until his girl friend of 2 years broke up with him. He started to slowly skip more and more treatment and school. We hadnt seen him for a couple weeks. We found out from his ex girlfriend that he started to heavily abuse coccaine and his dad administered him as an in-patient. He missed the last half of his Junior year. He has been sober ever since he got out of rehab. He graduated on time in 2009 and has now joined the marine corps.
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