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Activity 2.3.2

No description

Ro Ro

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of Activity 2.3.2

Lincoln Grant
- 27 years old
- Gradual enlargement of his body tissue. Long past puberty, but the bones of his face and jaw seem to be growing thicker and changing shape. Even his hands and feet look larger.
- Weight gain, he is very active and gets plenty of rest but he still feels sluggish
- Extremely low sperm count
- Blurry vision and seeing double
Glands and Organs Involved
Organs/Glands Involved: Pituitary Gland, Testes
Hormone: Lutenizing Hormone (LH), Testosterone

The Pituitary Gland releases LH to control the production of sperm in the testes which is controlled by testosterone.

The tumor in the pituitary gland may be affecting the production of LH, in this case, decreasing the amount that is produced.

Since the testes are not receiving this hormone, LH, they are not producing testosterone that produces sperm
Symptom: Low Sperm Count
- The hypothalamus powers the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland triggers the thyroid gland, by releasing the hormone TSH, which then produces the hormone thyroxene. The thyroid gland secretes many hormones that affect many parts of the body such as heart health and metabolism.

Symptom 2:
Weight Gain
- The thyroxene hormone, also known as T4, is secreted into the bloodstream. Once it is in the bloodstream, the thyroxene hormone travels to organs such as the liver and kidneys. There, it will be converted to its active from. Its active form is called triiodothyronine. If the body produces too little of the thyroxene hormone, it is known as a condition called hypothyroidism. This conditions causes the metabolism rate to slow down causing weight gain, which explains Lincolns unusual weight gain.
Symptom 2:
Weight Gain
Gland: Pituitary
Symptom 1:
Enlargment Tissue
Optic Nerve -
Since there is pressure on
the optic nerve from the tumor
in the pituitary gland it effects
the occipital lobe (which is in
charge of vision) causing blurry
Symptom 4:
Eye Vision
- pituitary gland
- testes
- thyroid gland
- meibomian gland
- Testosterone
Pituitary tumor
- Somatotropin (HGH- human growth hormone)
- Thyroxine (weight)
- Lutenizing Hormone (LH)
Hormone: Somatotropin (HGH- human growth hormone)
Hypothalamus powers the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland makes the human growth hormone (HGH) called "Somotropin". This hormone will regulate the amount of growth the body undergoes, such as muscle and bone growth, sugar an fat metabolism, and possible heart function.
Andrea Cortes, Rokia Sangare, Sara Cruz, Alejandra Esquivias
In Lincolns case, the pituitary gland may be affecting the production of HGH in his body, which could be the result of enlargement of tissues because the HGH isnt regulated properly throughout the body.
A noncancerous tumor in the pituitary gland that doesn't spread beyond the skull
It can press against nerves having several effects such as in vision as seen in Lincoln
It affects multiple bodily functions
that are usually very evident
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