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on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Augustus

Who was Augustus?
Born in 63 B.C. and was adopted by Caesar in 62 B.C. because Caesar wanted to start a dynasty but had no children. Augustus was a powerful emperor for the empire of Rome.
Augustus's Reign
Augustus began getting involved with Roman politics at the young age of 19, after the death of his adopted father, Caesar. He formed an alliance with a man by the name of Mark Antony, and killed of the last of the Greeks in a bloody battle. He finally became the official ruler at the age of 32
Augustus's Accomplishments
During his reign, Augustus ended 100 bloody civil wars and achieved 40 years of peace. He had expanded Rome and started a dynasty.
Older and Weaker
As Augustus got older, he of course got weaker. He ended up banishing his daughter, Julia, when his moral conservatism clashed with the public promiscuity of her.
As I see it, Augustus accomplished many things throughout his life. He managed to expand Rome, end civil wars, and even start a dynasty.
Moral Conservatism- Thought of someone without the influence of government.

Public Promiscuity: Miscellaneous mingling or selection of persons or things
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