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Flipped Assessment:

No description

Steve Janz

on 20 February 2016

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Transcript of Flipped Assessment:

Flipped Assessment:
A Reflective and Interactive Approach to Student Learning in Higher Education
Teaching Challenges
As instructors, what are our constraints?
Qualitative: "If you don't understand it properly the Flipped Assessment process gives you a chance to recognize your mistakes and have someone explain it to you personally."
Thank you!
Flipped Activity: Big Words
The Flipped Assessment Process - Key Strategies
Copy quiz papers (prevent cheating).
Class Time - 6 to 8 hours per term.
Experiential learning

Quantitative: Interesting Result
Incorrect Quiz -> Correct Final
Peer group work - student organized or luck of the draw.
Provide reflective journal and colored pen.
Provide quiz answers 2/3rds through the flipped assessment process.
Instructor - act as facilitator (90% of the time).
Students submit reflection - 10% of overall mark.
Student effort - levels of effort vary.
New - "tough" for some students.

Provide examples of excellent reflective efforts (instructions & marking rubric).
Marking - audit vs. discovery process (time saving, accuracy improved).
Student perceptions - working with peers (student attitudes change).
Positive emphasis - focus on what has been accomplished!
3 Yes - Excellent Flipped Assessment
1 No - No Flipped Assessment
Reflection marks earned based on effort (vs. correct/incorrect).
Instructor - act as a teacher (10% of the time) - the challenging areas.
The Secret Revealed - Marked 100% or 0%! Set a standard and allow re-do's the first couple attempts - students must meet expectations.
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