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10 11/5

No description

erika steinger

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of 10 11/5

10 11/5
Accountable Talk
Use the laptop to gather relevant research for tomorrow's discussion
Discussion Question
Are young black men overrepresented as criminals because of the media, or because they are committing the most crimes?
What additional info can help us to respond to this question?
Do Now
Respond to the following prompt in your notes
Make a list of rules and guidelines that you think will be necessary to have a successful accountable talk discussion
What do you need to do to be successful? What do you need from others?
Thursday, November 5th
Discussion Question
Prepare for tomorrow's accountable talk discussion by writing a TEXAS-paragraph in response to the discussion question
How can minority communities in America become more powerful and respected?
Stop and jot
What do you need to know or address in order to answer this question?
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