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invisible ink

No description

Nick Lee

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of invisible ink

Introduction Did you know that the approximately 15,000,000 counterfeit bills have been made in 2012. Over the past decades, counterfeit bills have been a problem worldwide. Many solutions were created to fix this problem but invisible ink greatly helped curtail counterfeit bills. Invisible ink is made up of different chemical solutions. There are many different solutions that can make up invisible ink but Windex, solid iodine, acetic acid, and phenolphthalein acid was the solutions used in this project. In this project, you write a secret message on paper with the invisible ink solution. Then you will spray ammonia on the paper and record how long it will take for the message to appear. With the correct materials and the correct procedures, this project will be safe and enlightening. The Invisible Ink Project Nick Lee
April 5th, 2013
Science Fair Problem Statement As previously stated, the invisible ink solution consists of Windex, solid iodine, and phenolphthalein acid.

Problem Statement-Will the amount of solution affect the time the image appears on the paper? Hypothesis The more solution used, the faster it will take for the image to appear on the paper. Bible Verse Bible Verse-Hebrews 4:13- Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.

Scientific Application-This bible verse relates to the experiment because it talks about God and invisibility. The verse quotes that nothing is invisible to God and that everything is exposed to Him. It relates to the project because in the project, you expose an invisible image. Materials Procedures 1.Gather materials
2.Cut out piece of paper towel
3.Dip cotton brush into phenolphthalein acid and iodine crystal (Hold for one second)
4.Draw image on paper towel
5.Air dry until wet sensation is gone
6.Spray Windex onto paper
7.Record the time it takes for the image to appear
8. Observe

Solid Iodine Crystal
Cotton Tipped Brush
Durable White Paper Towel
Beaker ( Any Size )
Acetic Acid (Vinegar is Recommended)
Ammonia (Windex)
Phenolphthalein Solution
Stopwatch Results Conclusion In conclusion, the hypothesis was incorrect. ‘’ The more amount of solution, the faster the image will appear.’’ The hypothesis was incorrect because there was a twist in the chemical reaction. The results were that the less solution added, the faster the image occurred. All three trials were completed in a controlled environment at room temperature. If this project is done again, changes would be made. For example, more trials would be completed and it would be done outdoors. (Just in case weather plays a role in this experiment ) In the future, if the project was expanded, things would change and the results would vary. Data Table During this project, nine trials were completed. (Following different rules for three groups of three ) This experiment did not need extended amounts of time so it was all completed at one time. Multiple trials were done so that the final results would be accurate. In the first trial (little solution on the brush) the average time was 1.5 seconds. In the second trial(extra amount of solution on the brush) the average time was 1.11 seconds. In the third trial, (required amount of solution on the brush ) the average time was 1.8 seconds. The image had a dark purple color when it appeared. Bar Graph Thank You
For Viewing Hypothesis Explanation-If there is more solution, the ammonia will easily react to the solution and create the image.
Invisible Ink
Invisible Ink
Invisible Ink
Invisible Ink
Invisible Ink
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