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Materials Management on Construction Sites

CONS 3003 Chase Eggers D12126388

Chase Eggers

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Materials Management on Construction Sites

Materials Management on Construction Sites Chase Eggers
D12126388 Lucrative, Competitive, & Harsh http://www.statisticbrain.com/startup-failure-by-industry/ Wide range of skills needed by a CM

Rapid adaptation and development of skills & practices

Identifying new processes & strategies

Construction management team & their roles
Project Executive
Project Manager
Project Engineer
Contract Administrator Utilization of crucial lag time

"Planning the planning process."
- R. Rapp

Site Logistics Plan

Materials Site Management Plan
Project specific

Materials Management Procedures
Standard from project to project Materials Management Procedures http://www.smrlaw.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/denver-colorado-construction-bid-proposal-template-services.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/ba/QV_Building_construction_site,_Melbourne_-_March_2002.jpg •Submittal of approval for proposed materials

•Ordering of materials from vendor

•Fabrication of the materials

•Shipping and delivery to job site

•Storage of materials

•Installation of materials.   Documentation Management All correspondence regarding projects passes through the CM

Strict policies ensure organization between the team

Electronic, hard copy, or both Materials Management Documents Submittals Purchase Orders Material Handling Checklist Ordering, manufacturing, packaging, transport, delivery, storage, and installation of all materials

CM can check on material at all stages Called out for by project specifications

Owner, Architect, and CM can ensure quality materials are being ordered

Approval needed from all parties; timeliness is crucial

Submittal log organizes progress of submittals Generates submittal on product
Records submission date,
reviews for adherence to specs and plans Subcontractor Construction Mgr. Architect Owner
Reviews for specified material and quality,
stamps if approved Reviews to confirm it is product requested,
signs if approved http://docstoc.com Submittal Flow Direct extension of Material Handling Plan

Flows from subcontractor to CM to vendor

Allow CM to:
Specify materials that conform to project specifications
Order correct quantities of necessary materials
Specify shipping and packaging requirements to protect materials
Set the delivery schedule to coincide with the project schedule   http://www.vertex42.com/ExcelTemplates/Images/purchase-order-with-price-list.gif In Conclusion http://www.deltaprecast.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/precast-crane-slide.jpg http://www.build.co.uk/logo/494313_p3.jpg http://www.khoving.com/images/sos-open.jpg Delivery, Accepting, Storage, and Installation Schedule, site access & capacity Capacity, schedule Capacity, large risks Schedule, material availability Importance of developing planning strategies

Procedures that execute these strategies

Documents used to manage the procedures

The flow of materials to the site

The management of materials once on site Questions? http://www.unitylss.com/ckfinder/userfiles/images/steel.jpg Strategies are determined by material requirements
Packaging & Shipping
Delivery Schedule
Site Accessibility/Capabilities

Require extensive coordination, but offer opportunitites for time and cost savings
JIT Delivery

Poor coordination exposes CM to risk http://www.propel-technology.com/Uploaded_Files/clientimages/Large/DSCF6935.JPG
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