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Mest 3 - Critical perspectives

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 11 December 2017

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Transcript of Mest 3 - Critical perspectives

Mest 3 - Critical perspectives
Exam - section a
There will be 3 questions based around 2 unseen stimuli
What do we mean by different perspectives?
Post-modern perspective
Post feminist perspective
Applying Queer theory
Post colonialism perspective
Ideas around celebrity culture
Marxist perspective
Considering globalisation
How is Beyonce represented in The Formation video?
In the Formation video, Beyonce is represented as a strong empowered woman. She is using direct mode of address and is always at the centre of the mise en scene which highlights her importance to the audience and helps to build a relationship between her and the audience.
A post-colonial perspective could examine the racial elements of the video.
Beyonce, a black woman, is wearing clothes that intertextualise the stereotype of "southern belles" such as a parasol. Wealthy southern women in the antebellum era would have often had black people as slaves, so this could be making a comment on how far black people have come in American society.
Question 1 - Media concept question
(8 marks)
Question 2 - Media debate question
(12 marks)
Question 3 - Wider context question
(12 marks)
For these questions you need to consider different perspectives and ideas as well as the media key concepts
However, an oppositional reading (Stuart Hall) of the video could be developed when applying a post-feminist perspective. Beyonce and her back up dancers wear revealing clothes throughout the video and are filmed through the male gaze (Laura Mulvey). This fulfills the idea that women are often unnecessarily sexualised in ways that men aren't.
Wider contexts - Black lives matter
Critical perspectives/ideas we have looked at so far...
Reality television
Celebrity culture
Whitewashing/Cultural appropriation
The idea that nothing is new anymore. Everything is inspired by something else, and you don't have to work within rigid structures and boundaries.
Post modern texts might feature:

Hyper- concensus
Hybrid genres
Reality television
Gledhill (1998) described reality television as having "emotional realism."
Reality television was originally understood to present everyday life as entertainment. However, the genre has evolved and now incorporates a number of other influences.
Symbolic violence
Celebrity Culture
Richard Dyer's star theory
Jackie Stacey
Jackie Stacey (1994) Celebrities offer an audience escapism
Adorno (1991) The power of celebrity can be used for positive and negative influences.
Richard Dyer - Star theory
Stars are a construct
Stars are a commodity
Stars off an ideology
Star paradox = they must be both ordinary and extraordinary.

Richard Dyer also says that "stars" are a product of their time.
Whitewashing - casting roles that should be played by an ethnic minority with a white person.
Cultural appropriation - using elements of a different culture in a flippant way, and not providing opportunities/visibility to that culture.
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