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1950-1980 weapons

No description

rafael laffitte

on 27 November 2010

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Transcript of 1950-1980 weapons

weapons 1950 - 1980 Entac The CAPTOR (Mark 60 or Encapsulated Torpedo) is the United States Navy's first anti-submarine naval mine. This deep-water mine is laid by ship, aircraft or submarine, and is anchored to the ocean floor. When its sonar detects a hostile submarine, the CAPTOR launches a torpedo. CAPTOR Mine The ENTAC is a solid propellant wire-guided
missile for use against enemy tanks, armored
combat vehicles, and certain defensive installations,
such as bunkers and enemy emplacements. Its two-stage solid rocket motor propelled the Entac to a maximum range of 2000 m (6600 ft), and its shaped-charge warhead could penetrate up to 65 cm (25 in) of armour. The idea of design came in the early 1950's
from the French government. By 1957, all
the details from the design were completed.
The French army, at first, asked for 140,000 ENTACs. Since it was a big quantity of missiles, it took 17 years, until 1974 for all the missiles to be completed. It takes a long time to build because it's a big size weapon and very sophisticated. the entac was mainly used to destroy
the tanks, vehicles, and enemy defense
installations. It was used by several
countries, such as the united states,
israel, lebannon, australia, india, iran,
belgium, canada, indonesia, morocco,
south africa, and norway. This weapon was benefitial for armies
in 1950's because this type of technology
was basically new. It was a very sophisticated
and a key for destruction. Around 75% of the
countries that were involved in war issues at
thos times asked for ENTACs. This demonstrates
that this weapon has been, in history, one of the
keys to gain territory and power. The Mk 60 (CAPTOR Mine) was invented in the 1960 by the Naval Surface Weapons Centre (weapon developers for the navy of the U.S.A.) at Panama City. The CAPTOR could be placed by either ship or plane to the seas. Then the capsule would sink until it touched the bottom and then floated a little bit. Then, with the integrated radar, it recorded the sounds and when it detected an enemy ship, it launched a torpedo. The torpedo spiraled towards the ship or submarine and crashed it, making it sink. Using this weapon was better than using a submarine or a ship because it didn´t need crew to make it work, making it less life risking for the people. It was also a very good weapon at that time because of the acuracy it had. In the early 1950s after
developing the design of the ENTAC, the Direction Technique des Armaments Terrestres, which is a French governmental organization, demonstrated interest in building it. They gave the first step, but many others contributed. While the DTAT was building it, at first, thought this was going to be a light easy-building weapon, this was because it´s manually operated, which makes things much easier. This weapon was full of success, by the time it arrived
to the united states, australia was asking for more entacs. Mainly countries that were involved in war issues were the ones that were interested in this sophisticated weapon. The users of the entac were: australia, france, israel, lebannon, india, iran, israel, south africa, united states, belgium, canada, norway, morocco, and indonesia. ENTAC provided many benefits to armies that had this weapon on their hands because of many reasons. The main reason is the powerful ability that this missile has to destroy tanks, boats, vehicles, and installations. This weapon is manually operated so is absolutely not an obstacle aiming the goal to destroy. In that era it was considered a major
technological advance because all the new system of technology this weapon carried with it. length: 82 cm
winspan: 37.5 cm
diameter: 15.2 cm
weight: 12.2 kg
speed: 305 km/h

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