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Gray Bats

No description

Taylor Martinelli

on 11 April 2015

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Transcript of Gray Bats

Gray Bats
The Gray Bat is endangered due to the fact of natural and unnatural factors.
Natural Factors:
Habitat Loss: many important caves are being flooded and submerged by reservoirs. Other caves may be flooded naturally.
Human Factors:
Tearing down habitats: Humans are interfeering with the forests and caves they stay in.
Cave Commercialization and Improper Gating: Gating on the cave that prevents access or alters the air flow, temperature, humidity, and amount of light is harmful.

Why its Endangered
Where It Can Be Found
The Gray Bat may be found in Alabama , Arkansas , Florida , Georgia , Illinois , Indiana , Kansas , Kentucky , Mississippi , Missouri , North Carolina , Oklahoma , Tennessee , Virginia , West Virginia.

Steps to Protect it!
Steps to protect are by adding it to the endangered species list, a recovery plan, and habitat protection. The government is also working to help protect the habitat by protecting areas of caves and their feeding grounds.
They Gray Bat is related to the Indiana Bat, which is also endangered.
A mother bat only has one baby at a time.
The Gray bat once flourished all over Southeastern United states.
Gray bats utilize caves all year round.
The Gray Bats diet consist of small bugs and incests.
Facts About The Gray Bat
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