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Seed Folks: Nora

No description

Grace Wu

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Seed Folks: Nora

She has gardened before
"I'd forgotten that tremolo of expectation produced by a tiny forest of sprouts." -Pg. 49
She is British
"I'm British. Back in England..."- Pg. 46
She is a nurse
"I don't know about his other nurses." -Pg. 46
Nora, along with Mr. Myles do end up going to the garden. They were on their frequent walk and Mr. Myles suddenly pointed towards the garden, as if asking her to go there. She listened immediately and they ended up watching the other gardeners work in their garden, which later sparked their interest in gardening.
Seedfolks: Nora
Our Symbol
Unicorns are known to have a magical power and gift to heal other beings. Since Nora is a nurse, she technically heals other people. Therefore, a unicorn is a good way to represent Nora since they both share something big in common: they make time to help other beings recover. Although unicorns may be mythical, the unicorn still closely relates to Nora in Seedfolks.
Why The Garden?
What does she do?
When Nora first gets to the garden, she is pushing Mr. Myles during their daily walk. Nora was a nurse for Mr. Myles and she had been needing a miracle to occur in order to find some way to brighten Mr. Myles's day. For her first time there, she and Mrs. Myles sit quietly and observe those working on their individual garden. Later on, she decides to build her own garden with Mr. Myles, as she discovered that the garden was the one thing Mr. Myles needed in his life to regain that little spark of energy he once had in his youth. Along with Mr. Myles, she plants hollyhocks, poppies, and snapdragons. The significance of them building their own garden and nurturing it, is that gardening brings back the childhood memories of them gardening. Their past memories are coming back to life. It's as if they are burying all their depressions in the soil and that has sprouted into new life. Nora and Mr. Myles both described gardening as a cure for the mad, a drug that sealed away those bumps they've had in their life.
We learned...
The lesson the garden brings, is that a garden can be a new you. The way you nurture it, the way you care for it, all depends on you. You are it's mother and whatever it becomes, can be and is a reflection of you. The garden brings back life to not only Nora, but to Mr. Myles. The garden seems to brush off the old years and push space for those to come. It never stops bringing Nora and Mr. Myles happiness. The garden brings a sense of home and family, since in the past, Nora has gardened before. She has forgotten the joys of sprouting little stems of life.
Takes Mr. Myles on his wheelchair frequently
"...I was pushing his wheelchair up Gibb Street, and new route for us." -Pg. 46
Got Mr. Myles to start gardening.
"I stopped at the garden and unloaded a large plastic trash barrel and a shovel." -pg. 48
Personality Traits
not afraid to get dirty
"...used my pocket knife to cut holes in the bottom of the barrel for drainage, and built up a ___ sweat shoveling in dirt."- Pg. 48
Caring for Mr. Myles so he could also plant seeds
"I'd brought with me a dozen seed packets." -Pg. 48
Passionate abut gardening
"The small circle became a second home to both of us. -Pg 49
She wants Mr. Myles to become more alive
"We mustn't stop living before our time, so I'm forever telling Mr. Myles." -Pg. 46
She wants people to notice and appreciate the garden.
"...restrained myself from pointing and shouting out, 'The Gibb Street garden is there!'"-Pg. 51
Gardening is fun.
"Garden is boring? never!"-Pg. 49
Mr. Myles reminds her father.
"I expect as well it was the sight of my own father, vegetating in his chair by the fire.
feels and wishes Mr. Myles should be more active.
"I determined that Mr. Myles should do more than simply watch, wheelchair or no."-Pg. 48
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