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Australian Pop Culture - Music in the 1980's

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Eric Chin

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Australian Pop Culture - Music in the 1980's

Visual 1 - concert
Visual 2 - weird al
Visual 3 - Billie Jeans
What was the 80's music styles/genres enjoyed by many in Australia?
In the 1980's styles and more specifically genres were an important part of pop culture. The styles and genres was what made pop culture in the 1980's.

The top three styles of music in the 1980s were:

How was the 80's music covered or parodied in Australia?
Parodies and covers in the 1980's distinguished what was good and what was bad. It was from parodies and covers which helped form the pop culture form the 1980's.
Weird Al
During the 1980's Australia developed a national music identity whilst also maintaining popular culture links with America resulting in increased commercialisation of music and the inevitable tension between generations
Music In the 1980s
How has the 80's music affected contemporary language, behaviors and attitudes in Australia?
Contemporary language, behaviours and attitudes from the 1980's were an outcome of the music in the 1980's. Through this it then distinguished what pop culture was in the 1980's.
Has the 80's popular music in Australia influenced fashion?
Fashion was effected by music artist throughout the 1980's. This formed the fashion in the 1980's which became a part of pop culture.
Was the 80's music mass consumable/easily accessed by many in Australia?
Music being mass consumable or easily accessed was a part of music being well known. This results in it becoming a part of pop culture.
by Eric Chin
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Visual 4 - madonna and mc hammer
Visual 5 - vhs, cd, vinal records, mtv
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