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Balanced Scorecard Simulation-Group Two

No description

shiva Ferasat

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Balanced Scorecard Simulation-Group Two

Statement of purpose
To analyze the effectiveness of initiatives implemented by Delta/Signal Corp.'s CEO to improve the company's performance during the course of four years.
SWOT Analysis
Acceptable Quality
Product Performance
Cost Competitiveness
Good Customer Satisfaction Reputation and Customer-Supplier-Relationship
Trend in the market
Competitors targeting the economic market.
Chinese government is requiring OEMs to share technology in order to sell products in that country
Gasoline prices have increased heavily.
Accelerating trends of customers demanding additional features in cars.
Electronic components account for 40% of cars value.
Declining consumer and fleet in demand.
Balance Scorecard Simulation
Thank you!
Delta/Signal Corp.
Group Two: (TTWO)
Delta/ Signal Corporation is an automotive electrical part manufacturer and supplier for luxury and non-luxury vehicles that was funded by Louise Weber in Ohio, USA in 1992.
The company runs 100 product lines turning out 2,000 exclusive products in 18 different manufacturing facilities located in eight countries spread across four continents.
The former CEO’s strategy to distinguish Delta Corporation from other auto parts’ manufacturers was to accommodate luxury car manufacturers with high end, custom designed and highly innovative electrical parts.
Not leader at anything
Not having a clear and concise message about its value proposition to customers
Their managers didn’t have a clear set of goals to work towards.

Downturn in economy has caused most car manufacturers to focus on economy cars leaving the luxury OEMs in the United
States and Europe up for grabs

Current stocks keep slipping
Revenue level is below what they were Leading up to 2013
Material and production cost keep going up
The company continues to loos market share
Our group as a board of directors decides to focus on manufacturing innovative products for luxury OEMs
Balance scorecard
The Objectives:
Strategy Map:

Because of the slow economy Delta/Signal Corp’s competitors would focus their effort on low cost vehicles, and this leaves the luxury and Crossover Utility Vehicle OEM’s in the U.S. and Europe untouched. This creates a good opportunity for Delta/signal Corp to focus on Innovation and investment in the luxury segment.
Aligning the strategy with the:
Mission Statements
values of a business
future of technology

Innovation is an essential component of an efficient strategy; it aids to reveal current opportunities in the market and the ones that are possibly to emerge in the future.
Income Statement:
Balance sheet:
Performance Metrics:
Owners' Value:
2.Customer Perspective:
1. Financial Perspective:
3.Internal Process Perspective:
4.Learning & Growth Perspective:

Internal/External Analysis:
• Narayanan, V.G., Lisa Brem, and Matthew Packard. "Delta/Signal Corp." Harvard Business School Case 112-048, October 2011. (Revised July 2013.)

previous management was on a downward, stocks were dropping, losing market share with other competitors,
consumers’ demands were high and trying to meet the consumer’s satisfaction, cost of fuel were rising, and people can’t afford to purchase an expensive luxury items with average quality products.

Evaluation of the Top Three Competitors
1. Vulferam AG, the Munich Germany based
2. Odawa Systems Corporation, the Flint Michigan based
Shagimaw Corporation, The Toledo, Ohio based

Currently, based on the four strategy recommendation submitted to Nielson from his EVP’s on different department, our focus is the strategy targeting economy OEMs Innovation.

Delta Signal BSC analysis purpose is to monitor the performance of the company.

The Strategy Map also shows the cause-and-effect linkages between Vision, Corporate Goals and
various Objectives that are distributed into various Themes.

The Strategy Map also shows the cause-and-effect linkages between Vision, Corporate Goals and
various Objectives that are distributed into various Themes.
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