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Kombucha Tea Project

No description

Thomas Sullivan

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Kombucha Tea Project

The control group is a name brand bottle of kombucha tea. The experimental group is the homemade batch of kombucha tea.
The dependent variable is what materials are put in the kombucha. The independent variable is the SCOBY mushroom. Results will be measured by taste. A group of people will be required to get the best results.
Kombucha tea is a unique fermented beverage that has been around for ages. Kombucha is made by making tea, letting that tea cool down, adding sugar, and finally adding the essential ingredient, the SCOBY mushroom. Then it has to brew in a dark, warm place.
Problem Statement
This experiment is designed to see weather making home brewed Kombucha is a better, less expensive alternative to buying the expensive name brand from the store.
Kombucha Tea Project
By: Thomas Sullivan
Hour 1

Background Continued
This project is important to me because I really enjoy kombucha tea. However, the name brand costs up to six dollars. If this experiment works, it means I can brew my own kombucha at home without paying six dollars for it.
Science Standards
MS-LS1-7 Develop a model to describe how food is rearranged through chemical reactions forming new molecules that support growth and/or release energy as this matter moves through an organism
The control group was completely normal. The experimental group turned into a successful batch of kombucha
This is an example of a name brand bottle of Kombucha Tea

Other information obtained from family members.

SCOBY mushroom
Tea kettle
Tea bags
Boil water
Add 5 teabags to water
Turn stove off and add 1 cup of sugar
When tea is cool, pour in jar.
Place tea in dark place for about a week.
If tea is fermented with a SCOBY mushroom, then I can create kombucha tea, because the kombucha tea cannot be considered kombucha without the SCOBY mushroom.
SCOBY mushroom
The SCOBY can recreate in the brewing process. The SCOBY for this experiment recreated itself on the tea bags!
Control Group
Flavor: Tart, Zesty
Fizziness: High
Experimental Group
Flavor: Mellow, Smooth
Fizziness: Low
In conclusion, the experiment succeeded. The hypothesis was If tea is fermented with a SCOBY mushroom, then I can create kombucha tea, because the kombucha tea cannot be considered kombucha without the SCOBY mushroom.
Sources of Error
1. The tea bags were left in the jar.
2. It was unsure if the SCOBY was alive.
1. Tea bags should be removed.
2. Make sure the SCOBY is alive.
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