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The Grand Strategies of Humanitarianism

No description

Katherine McCallum

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of The Grand Strategies of Humanitarianism

Aid Agencies forced to consider impact of aid and how to become more affective at achieving their stated goals.
neutrality impartiality independence
Consequentialist Turn in Aid since 1990s
Bed For The Night classical approach
Humanitarianism in Question
by Michael N. Barnett & Thomas G. Weiss (2008 Cornell Univ. Press)
Taxonomy of Humanitarin Aid
The Grand Strategies of Humanitarianism
Michael Barnett & Jack Snyder
accept constraints
change constraints
Bed For The Night
Do No Harm
Back a Decent Winner
unqualified short-term emergency relief to those in life-threatening circumstances
deploy resources to achieve a stable political bargain that will halt gross violation of human rights.
provide relief while minimizing the negative side effects.
eliminate the root causes of conflict and help promote a more peaceful, stable, and legitimate political and economic system.
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