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Al-Meera Consumer Goods Company

No description

Hani ..

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Al-Meera Consumer Goods Company

Almeera vision :
To be the favorite neighborhood retailer
Almeera serve the customers with quality , develop friendly relationships with the customers, and that's whats make the customers loyal to them.
Established in 2004 to serve the various needs of the Qatari society.
Almeera provide several choices that attract the clients’ attention (meat, chicken, diaries, fish, bread, bakery, vegetables and fruits), it also includes home appliances and supplements, computer supplements, cleaning and others.
Work Experience
Almeera had an excellent opportunities to expand in Qatar and other countries, Almeera also took the advantage of providing different services such as café & bookstores, economy changing is one of the opportunities
Product is what the customer needs, and what satisfy the customers, and almeera is known by the differentiation of their products and the good quality.
Almeera use the internet to promote, and they sponsors a lot of activates in Qatar which it consider as a part of promoting them self
Al-Meera Consumer Goods Company
Almeera service is based in providing the best customer experience
Almeera is dedicated to improve its workforce’s capabilities. The employees are encouraged to participate in educational and training programs to serve the customers.
third step is to define the marketing mix (4p's) : Product, Price, Place and Promotion
Analyze the Financials by putting a marketing budget and evaluate projected marketing ROI
customer acquisition by going through the various possible marketing activities, and awareness, interest and action.
it depends first on analyzing the customers and their needs, the market, and the competition, This step help to target customer, understand the market environment, and evaluate the competitors
marketing strategy:
the second step is to create a marketing strategy list by putting a list of potential marketing strategies that guide your marketing decisions
Price it depends on how much does the customers welling to pay for the product, Almeera prices suit the consumer ability and the products quality.
Almeera currently has 33 branches in Qatar, and it's still expanding, Almeera are even expanding outside Qatar.

6- the last step is to review and revise by continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.
approachable, differentiation in product, expert employees , firm's brand name, international expanding, different branches and specialty.
Almeera doesn't have a delivery service, or online order, technology lacking , the home appliances and supplements, computer supplements are only provided in geant hypermarket, the promotion for some branch "café and the bookstore" are weak.
Increasing the local competitors, rising commodity prices, customers switching to other supermarkets because it provide more service , technology and economy development, change in the environment, and supermarkets that’s include special offers every while.
Almeera is the largest retailer in Qatar , it has always been committed to providing the finest shopping experience, and it's continue to focus on giving the best to the customers, employees and the communities .
Thanks for listening
done by:
Ohod Al-yafei
Moza Alkaabi
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