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University of Oregon/ College Discovery Powerpoint

No description

Nick Bergquist

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of University of Oregon/ College Discovery Powerpoint

Ducks University Of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
295 acres Requirements:
circumstances about yourself(also 500 words) application essay(500 words).Explain personal Graduate from a standard or accredited
high school.Earn a C- or better in 15
college preparatory classes.
English 4 years
Math 3 years(Algebra 1 & 2, college prep)
Science 3 years
Social Studies 2 years
Foreign language 2 years
Earn at least a 3.0 or better in high school.
Submit a copy of your official high school
transcripts. Submit SAT and ACT scores(ACT
writing and SAT reasoning, they take. No
minimum or maximum scores. Submit Campus focus is on education,
and student life. The school is
noted for having good sports teams as in Football, Basketball,etc. Some undergraduate degrees are Preparatory Med, Preparatory Law, and business. Three major programs are Physics, Mathematics, English.
They offer Grants, Loans, Work Studies, and Pathway Oregon. The Scholarships they offer are
Stamps Scholarships
Presidential Scholarships
Diversity Excellence Scholarships
General University Scholarships etc.
Scholarships/Grants Sports and Athletics
They compete in Division 1. They play in Pac 12 for all sports . In my eyes there teams have been really successful by winning the 2011 Rose bowl and much more. It deosn't talk about how you can get in touch with the coaches but you can call them at (541) 346-4481. There mascot is a Duck, and there school colors are Green and Yellow. Some clubs and organizations are Jiu-Jitsu, the triathlon, and also fishing. Those are just 3 out of the 47 clubs they offer at the University of Oregon. Clubs/Organizations Support Services They offer support tutor's for Academics, psychological, and health. They offer Dorms and housing on campus. They offer work study. They offer a helping hand to be social. Campus Security is good overall. They watch the campus 24/7, they also protect students from fights and other events. Campus Security: Campus Culture: The first week at the university is Unpack the Quack week. This means
that freshman and new students get to unpack and go out and meet new kids for the week. Also meet new faculty members! The site was easy and difficult to navigate at points. The cool parts are the Athletics and Duck life. The not so cool part is that they have a whole different website for Athletics. They may want to send me a Brochure or pictures of the school. I would love to visit this campus and maybe go there one day. It seems like a cool University and its close to home. Navigation They offer PHD, Masters, Bachelors, undergraduate degrees and much more.
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