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Copy of Sleep Pods

No description

Dylan Manion

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Sleep Pods

U.S. Headquarters - Charlotte, NC
We need sleep!
41 million American workers don't get enough sleep.

Sleep is just as important for overall health as diet and exercise

A growing list of health risks has been documented in recent studies. Heart disease, diabetes, and obesity have all been linked with chronic sleep loss.

There are nearly 100 identified sleep/wake disorders
How do you feel when you're tired?
Welcome to the World of Rest!

Two base models offered for lease:
1. Economy Sleep Pod - $240/month*
2. Platinum Sleep Pod - $320/month*

*Prices are for a 2 year operating lease with FMV purchase option at end of lease term. Rates may vary for shorter/longer lease terms. Lease agreement is subject to approval based on where our units will be located in order to maintain brand image.
Both base models are kept in our inventory and available immediately.
Delivery and installation services are required for a fee of $50/unit + travel time ($15/hour)
Food for thought....
Advocates, such as Winston Churchill, Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein, have preached the benefits of a power-nap to be directly linked with optimal productivity.
Marketing Budgets
Installed pods in their research centre in Switzerland.

Provided their scientists some peace and quiet to think things through, or just to simply take a break from their intensive and challenging lab work.

They chose our pods and tell us their people are very happy with them and find them a real plus
Economy Model
Economy Class Sleep Pod
Length- 7.5 ft. Height 5 ft. Bed Width 3.5 ft.

Takes up Approximately 26 sq. feet!
Ambient Light Adjustment
Outlets for Phone / Computer / Tablet Charger
Sound Proof Body
Internal Noise Control - Ambient Noise or Complete Silence
Anti-Microbial Cloth Bed
Lysol Air Dispenser
Our Customers

- Students
- Business Travelers
- Resort Travelers
- Military/ Industrial Travelers

Platinum Model

Hundreds of square feet of unused and untapped retail space.

Given that many passengers use this space to sleep anyways, why not provide an alternative that would benefit the consumer and the airport?

Over the course of one day, an airport can increase their revenue and satisfy their customers with an added benefit.
Office Use
Sleep deprivation in employees increases the risk of accidents, unhealthy lifestyles and general stress. All of these factors translate to decreased productivity in the workplace.
By providing a healthy alternative through Sleep PODS, office managers and companies can benefit from increased alertness and the general happiness and health of their employees
Sleep Deprivation has been an increasingly alarming factor in workplace accidents and botched surgeries.

The average wait time for a patient’s family in surgery is 81 minutes. With such a high stress environment, Sleep PODS are an excellent investment for hospitals.

Provide a beneficial feature to both employees and patients’ families alike while also creating an additional revenue source.
Service Plans

: Serviced weekly due to sanitary reasons, includes disinfecting and testing serving controls.

Offices and Airports
: Serviced monthly.

• $15/unit + travel time ($15/hour)
Purchase Option
Two base models offered for sale (same features as those offered for lease):
Economy Sleep Pod - $6,000
Platinum Sleep Pod - $8,000

Service plans are recommended, though not required, and are offered at the same frequency and pricing as with leased equipment.

Customized sleep pods are priced according to selected add ons and require a lead time of up to 6 weeks if they must be made to order by the manufacturer.

Delivery and installation services are offered for a fee of $150/unit + travel time ($15/hour)

Step into a Sleep Pod
Contact Information:

email: sleepeasy@podtime.com
phone: 910-555-6579
fax: 894-555-7890

Our Customers
Sales Representatives



1/2 hr Nap

Business Travelers
Resort Travelers
Military/ Industrial
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