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Copy of LinkedIn

No description

Junting Li

on 15 May 2016

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Transcript of Copy of LinkedIn

Marketing Strategy
The Overall 3PT Market
Profile Development -

Marketing Strategy -

Business Development -

Industry Focus: Client Base
Sales staff can focus on their tasks;

Leverage resources of the 3PT;

Gain access to a new client base.

Search Engine Optimization

Personal Profile Training

Group Skills & Endorsement Strategy
Profile Development
Emergence of Third-Party training providers
Corporate LinkedIn User

3PT Training Provider
Demand for Training Services
How Should LinkedIn React?
Friend or Foe?
How Should LinkedIn React?
Service Profile
Profile Development
Services Offered
Method of Delivery
Profile Development
Market Evaluation
Profile Development
Friend or Foe?
Business Development
Services Offered
Business Development
Market Evaluation
Business Development
Friend or Foe?
Promotes use of LinkedIn.

Increases opportunity for Premium subscriptions.

Does not undercut a current LinkedIn revenue stream.
Sub-standard training quality discourage users from Sales Navigator.

Unfriendly advertisement, make Sales Navigator sounds difficult to use to boost own business.

Promote Free LinkedIn as a tool for business development, rather than Sales Navigator itself.

LinkedIn does not currently charge for this service, but still have indirect revenue loss.
Lead Generation Enhancement (82%)

Social Selling Enhancement (73%)

Sales Navigator Training (? %)

Customized Coaching (31%)

Consultancy (27%)
Quality concern totally removed;

Separation of duty, sales can focus on their tasks

Potential revenue stream?

Build and promote customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Small 66%
Medium 20%
Individual 11%
Large 3%
Business Development
Size of Companies
Marketing Strategy
Services Offered
Potential Alternatives ?
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Market Evaluation
Friend or Foe?
Content Marketing

Advertisement Campaign Consulting

InMail & Sponsored Update Optimization
1. Partner with Sales Methodology/ CRM Company(s)

2. Partner with 3PT Training Company(s)

3. Expand Internal Training Capability
Number of companies that is operating in Australia is low

In overseas market LinkedIn has partnered with companies operating in this area.

Promote the use of Marketing solutions, and no indirect revenue loss from training classes.
Profile Development
Scale / Geographic coverage;

Integration of services (Client might need other services as well).

Cost-benefit analysis (new salary expense vs. increased sales)

Internal promotion vs external recruitment?

Hiring and training process and costs

Size of the company;
No clear target / market leaders.
Scale not large enough to service demand
Geographic limitations.

Need to train 3PT staff (and quality control);
Mutually beneficial to them? Are they willing to do it?
Are they familiar with the products?
Revenue distribution
Potential culture conflict.

Partner with two types of training providers

Individuals applying to be education training providers
Organisations applying to become training partners
1. Partner with CRM / Sales Methodology companies

Case studies
Approach of application:

1. Attend an in-person training session OR webcast

2. Complete brief assessment by Microsoft

3.Award candidate with the Trainer certificate if they have trained over 100 people.
Partner with five selected global training providers:
Arrow ECS
Global knowledge
Ingram Micro
Criteria for choosing the partners:

Geographic reach and availability

Quality of service and innovation



Case study
Education Training Center:
Main characteristics:

Educates customer on how to best maximise use of Google tools

Customised training program & location

Free, online seminar with Prompt question-solving mechanism

Case study
Education Training Center:
Other Services:
Offer certifications to users after they pass the exams

Provide positions of Certified Trainer and Certified Innovator for people with a strong history of educating others using Google tools.
Allow users to log in with google account and select training courses that suit them best
Class content:
The basic and advanced skills of various Google Tools.

Case studies

Case studies

Case studies


Where to from here ?
Group Training (77%)
Project Limitations
The sample size for the 3PT market is limited due to time constraints

Not being able to identify the quality of 3rd parties' services without a unanimous quality criteria

Websites may not contain all the services an organisation provides & the clients they serve
Overseas Market
2. Partner with 3PT training companies
2. Partner with 3PT training companies
Estimated Australian Market Size: 90 - 100 companies
1. Partner with CRM / Sales Methodology companies
3. Expand Internal Training Capacity
3. Expand internal training capability
Overseas Market
Overseas Market

1. Market Profile

2. Market Segment Analysis

3. Evaluation of Alternatives

4. Case Study Examples

5. Limitations

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