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About me-Norma Argandona

No description

norma argandona

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of About me-Norma Argandona

About me-Norma Argandona
i like to listen to music and read. i love music like Ed Sheeran and Taking Back Sunday. i enjoy to read books that are paranormal and romances, but i do read the ocasional mystry book. my favorite author is John Green
my moms name is Norma Linda Argandona. my dads name is Steven Argandona. i have an older brother named Luis Argandona , he's about ten years older than me. He is married a wonderful girl, named Yanet.
how i say healthy
i stay healthy by brushing my teeth and showering everyday. i like salads so i eat those often. i like going to the mall and window shop.
Hello, my name is Norma Argandona and i was born in Acapulco, Mexico. I moved to Dallas when i was three years old. My favorite color is Purple and i adore the show Supernatral, im a Sammie girl.
The End.
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