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Stargirl Scrapbook

No description

Asher Bakari

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Stargirl Scrapbook

Stargirl Scrapbook By Asher Bakari & Sylvie Stephenson Inquirer, Principled, Thinker, Balanced Communicator, Knowledgeable, Reflective Communicator Knowledgeable Balanced (Failing) Principled (Failing) Thinker Inquirer Risk-taker Caring Risk-taker,Open-minded,Caring "She started strumming the uke. And singing. It was 'Happy Birthday.' When she came to his name she didn't sing just his first name, but his full name: 'Happy Birthday, dear Alan Fer-kooooh' " -pg. 9 " 'I just know that someone on Marion Drive is in the hospital for surgery, so I thought they could use a little cheering up.' " -pg. 110 "In class she was always flapping her hand in the air, asking questions, though the question often had nothing to do with the subject." -pg. 10-11 "I turned, but it wasn't her. The girl standing, grinning in front of me wore jeans and sandals, had burnt-red nails and lipstick, painted eyes, finger rings, toe rings, hoop earrings I could put my hand through, hair..."
" 'Stargirl? What kind of name is that? My name is Susan.' " -pg. 139 " 'This is...unbelievable. Files. On people. Like she was a spy.' " -pg. 180 "She taught me to revel. She taught me to wonder. She taught me to laugh...She saw things. I had not known there was so much to see." -pg. 107 Fair Use Statement The resources and images displayed in this presentation were used for educational purposes only and do not intentionally infringe on any copyrights. "She joined the cross-country team." -pg. 11
"Stargirl had been invited to become a cheerleader and had said yes." -pg.25 " '...They're okay most of the time. But sometimes they just get in the way. The earth is speaking to us, but we can't hear because of all of the racket our senses are making. Sometimes we need to erase them, erase our senses. Then -maybe- the earth will touch us. The universe will speak. The stars will whisper.' " -pg. 91 "Like a butterfly, her words fluttered from image to image...It was a jumble, it was a mishmash, and somehow she pulled it all together, somehow she threaded every different thing through the voice of a solitary mockingbird singing in the desert." -pg. 152-153 Open-Minded Reflective (Failing) "the sun is shining every day so why don't we quit school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -pg. -2000000 Do you like salsa? "Two days later, Stargirl vanished." -pg. 138
" 'Stargirl? What kind of name is that? My name is Susan.' " -pg. 139
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