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ABD activities June-December 2017

Area Based Development (ABD) Approach

Damjan Surlevski

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of ABD activities June-December 2017

“Ohrid trcaT Weekend 2017"
, 1-4 June 2017, Ohrid, Macedonia
“Regional Youth Rural Camp”
, 24-27 July 2017, Pobori, Montenegro
“Day of Mowing- Romanija 2017”
, 8 July 2017, Sokolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
International fruit brandy festival “Zestival”
, 18-19 August 2017, Uzice, Serbia
“Nusicijada 2017”
, 24-27 August 2017, Ivanjica, Serbia
“Saborsko prelo - Interactive workshops on traditional handcrafts”
, 17 September 2017, Trsic, Serbia
“Bojane Grapes Festival”
, 8-10 October 2017, Skopje, Macedonia
“XVI Days of Pljevlja Cheese”
, 20 October 2017, Pljevlja, Montenegro
“Third International Symposium for Agriculture and Food – ISAF 2017”
, 18-20 October 2017, Ohrid, Macedonia
“Fungal Conservation in a Changing Europe: The Challenges Ahead”
, 1-6 October 2017, Ohrid, Macedonia
“Days of honey”
, 19-20 October 2017, Surdulica, Serbia
“Pumpkin Day 2017”
, 3 November 2017, Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
“12th Ethno Food and Drink Fair”
, 22 - 25 November 2017, Belgrade, Serbia
“Open lecture day - Youth employment in rural areas in the Prespa region”
, 17-18 November 2017, Korca, Albania
ABD activities June - December 2017
P2P events
The ABD approach continued to focus on the development of the cross-border regions with the support of SWG, GIZ and FAO. In this period:
Organized 11 capacity building events
for the Stakeholders from the cross-border regions 'Drina-Tara', 'Drina-Sava', 'Prespa' and 'Sharra' -
more than 500 participants attended;
9 projects under the ABD Grant Scheme were supported in
the cross-border regions 'Drina-Tara', 'Drina-Sava', 'Prespa' -
Grant support of 55.000 EUR;
Support to organization of 14 regional P2P Events -
more than
300 exhibitors, 2100 participants and 61.500 visitors;
ABD Grant Scheme - supported projects
Improvement of production and plant protection in raspberry sector
- Drina-Tara
Improvement of rural tourism value chain
- services and products and networking among the tourism providers - Drina-Sava
How to achieve successful association and business linking of rural development stakeholders
- Drina-Tara
How to achieve successful association and business linking of rural development stakeholders - Drina-Sava
Improving the honey production
- Drina-Sava
Improving the honey production - Drina-Tara
Improvement of rural tourism services and products and networking among the tourism stakeholders
- Sharra”
Networking among the stakeholders in apple and tourism sectors
- Prespa”
“Career Counseling”
- Capacity building for developing and improvement of employability skills and presentation of active employment measures and programmes - Sharra
Culinary workshop for Drina-Tara and Drina-Tara cross-border regions -
“An innovative approach in rural tourism -Traditional food in a new and authentic way”
Capacity building events
Bridging period -
ABD activities June - December 2017
Set up of a field laboratory for chemical soil analysis
- Prespa
From renewable energy to heating
- Sharra
Traditional kitchen in a traditional city
- Sharra
NATURAKTIV Active vacation in protected nature areas
(cross-border partnership project with 3 beneficiaries) - Drina - Tara
Production of raspberry seedling
- Drina - Tara
Improvement of the value chain in organic wheat production
(local partnership project with 2 beneficiaries) - Drina - Tara
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